August Try Outs

Yes, it’s coming up to the end of the first week of September and this is about August beauty try outs. But better late than never, right? I have some good, bad, and honestly, some down right ugly things to share with you all from this past month!


Tarte mascara
I LOVE this mascara. It reminds me of the best of both worlds of the Better Than Sex and Perversion mascaras. It gives the drama and umph of Too Faced, while still keeping my lashes clump free and streamline like Urban Decay. Mix it together and I continually got long, thick, yet fluffy eye lashes that beg to be noticed.

Fresh lipgloss
I’ve heard so much about their company and even more about their lip balms, I knew at some point or another, I’d have to try one of their products out. Personally, I prefer glosses because they store better, don’t melt, are shinier, usually are in a thinner bottle, so they are easier to cary, etc. When I saw Fresh’s brand of lipgloss, I was super excited to get a healing product with the styling of a chic gloss.
However, this product isn’t amazing. For a gloss, it is more than a little pricey. The applicator barely gets out any product, and to coat my full lips, I usually needed about 3 pumps. It isn’t sticky, it’s a pretty color, smell, and shine, but just not worth the excitement in my opinion.

Maybelline liquid eyeshadow
I have become a huge fan of liquid eyeshadow as of late. This brand and product is what started my craze though and for good reason. The pigment is just great in all the colors that I have and seen swatched. The shimmer is unbelievable, and it doesn’t fade, or have fallout, or dim like most powder shadows I’ve been disappointed with lately. The color range is pretty impressive, so is the price range, and I’m loving the looks I’m pulling off with both this product and other drug store brand liquid eyeshadows. To be fair, there is one con I’ve noticed. At least with these Maybelline shadows, they can dry down pretty quickly. If you don’t grab a brush and start blending and spreading immediately, the liquid can get very clumpy, quickly. Pro or con, they have some mega staying power, so if you let it sit wrong, it can get messy. Play with it correctly and you’ll have a glamorous, fun new look!

Sephora highlighter
When I saw this sparkley of a highlighter, for this great of a price, I knew I had to get my hands on this product. For how cheap it was, I was able to pick up both the yellow-y/white color (pictured) and the bronze shade for still half the price of a Becca highlighter. I have only tried the paler color though and I quickly found out why I splurge with Becca and Anastasia. The first time I wore this highlighter out, Drew said I looked jaundiced. The yellow in the highlighter just came through way too strongly. I continued to get comments the few times I wore this, but like “oh, is that highlighter?”, or “what is that?” pointing to it. The chalkiness of it probably didn’t help it’s weird undertone either. I would say, for a stunning highlighter, it’s worth the splurge to get a better brand name.

Tarte foundation
I’m struggling with how to review this product, so take everything I say about this with a grain of salt. I only recently started wearing foundation for the first time in my life, so I’m not sure what is normal, what is just this one’s problems, or what I should actually be expecting from a great product. Either way here are some cons. The drop dispenser is incredibly annoying. I never knew how much I needed, I accidentally knocked over the jar more than once while trying to use it, spilling a good amount of product everywhere, and it was hard to get more out of the bottle if I was in the middle of using it and had makeup all over my hands. I feel like the texture was decent, but easily got cakey and really drew out my dry skin if I didn’t set everything just right. On the pro side, the color matched my skin tone perfectly, it set much better on my less dry areas, and it was so light on the skin that I didn’t even feel it after I applied it.
In my journey through makeup, and especially my brand new journey through foundation, I think I’ll keep looking.


— Brey

7 thoughts on “August Try Outs

  1. I love Tarte. Their mascaras are great as are their blushes, eyes shadows, highlighters, and lip stuff. But I don’t like their foundations I’ve tried. Same issue with their foundation in the past,it was cakey and I think for women with dry skin. The highlighter looks great from Sephora as well 🙂

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  2. For a person who use to wear foundation on the regular, you’re not doing it wrong. That is why I still haven’t picked up that foundation because I was skeptical of the applicator and foundation over all. I still am intrigued by it but, gah, I know that feeling of spilling your foundation that you spent $50 bucks on. But, I kind of want to pick up that Tarte mascara though…


  3. I was cleaning up my subscriptions, and I wanted to make sure I still followed you since I love your blog, and I hadn’t seen anything from you in a while. It looks like its been a while. Hope everything is okay. You truly have a lovely blog that I always enjoyed reading. 🙂


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