Sinfully Perfect Summer Nail Polishes.


Despite my hatred for summer, I will admit that I don’t loathe every aspect of it. One thing I do enjoy is the bright colors and some of the more fashionable trends that come along. I will admit, that after a long winter, I love breaking out my wedge collection and using the whole rainbow on my nails.

Cinderella  (left) and Mint Apple (right).

You can’t end summer without having your nails painted teal at least once. Cinderella is a playful twist to the go-to turquoise trend, with just a tiny bit of shimmer and more of a powdery blue feel. I gotta be honest though, the pictures don’t do it justice.

Mint Apple
Definitely my favorite of the bunch, this color just screams summer fun. It’s a unique, deep aquamarine, with just the slightest hint of sparkle thrown in. It’s currently gracing my toes and I have been in love since the first stroke. I put it in on almost a month ago, and there’s been no chips and I’m still getting compliments from co-workers. It’s really hard to find a great green polish, and turquoise sometimes can be a little overrated, so this is a great combination and a color I’m still trying to get over.

Zest of Time (right) and Glass Pink (left).

Glass Pink
Lately I’ve been really into light pink polishes. I used to think neutrals were so boring, especially on nails, but this polish is so pretty. It takes a simple, almost nude classic and adds the perfect mix of shininess and girliness. I feel like this is also a great color to wear during the transition into fall, mixing the spark and heat of summer, with the warm tone of the changing season.

Zest of Time
The brightest, and possibly the most fun polish of the group, with definitely the coolest name is Zest of Time. This hot, hot pink is another color I’ve worn religiously on my toe nails. It lasts forever, and looks stunning against white sandals and a great tan.


What is your favorite summer color?

— Brey

8 thoughts on “Sinfully Perfect Summer Nail Polishes.

  1. Such cute colors. I do agree. I like the colors that come along with Summer so much more then Winter 🙂

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