Reintroducing Myself.

After my seven month hiatus, I did not expect the warm welcome I received upon returning to the blogging world. I was been blown away by the kind wishes and sweet comments on my first post back, and every post since! I’ve definitely recognized some familiar, friendly faces, but I’ve seen a lot of new visitors as well. This got me thinking: if you’ve stuck with me through my blogging worst, or if this is the first time you’ve ever stumbled upon Ordinary Adventures, I figured it was about time I reintroduced myself around here.


Here are some basic facts:
I’m Brey! I’m 21, and currently getting my masters at George Mason University. I’ve been a high school special education teacher’s assistant for over a year now and I really hope that that changes somewhat soon. Not because I don’t actually like my job, it’s just that I’m dreaming of  bigger and better things career wise, but still planning on staying in the same vein of what I’m doing now. I am kind of insane because I am actually doing both of those things full time… at the same time. I currently have a slightly different type of schedule because it’s summer, but both have and are continuing to happen this season!

I don’t have any kids and unlike every other 20 something I seem to know, who are all currently getting pregnant, I am not. I am married though, to my wonderful husband of over two years, Drew. He sometimes makes me cry, but for the most part he is a pretty amazing, solid guy who puts up with a lot. We also have a puppy who is almost two years old (so not really a puppy, but he’ll always be my puppy), who is a lab/husky/terrier/mix/??? and is easily the most hyperactive, incredibly annoying and insane dog there is on the planet. But boy, is he the cutest thing ever. We all reside in what is beginning to feel like a tiny one bedroom apartment in Northern Virginia.


I am learning and dealing and figuring out quite a few persistent health problems at the moment, which has definitely altered who I am over the years. Which may or may not account for a for how I like to spend my free time. You can usually find me in my husband’s t-shirts under the covers watching TV on my computer. Or grabbing food out, snuggling watching movies, laying in bed blogging, blog stalking, web surfing, playing video games while laying in bed, online shopping, or just plain napping most evenings (that I’m not at work or days I don’t have homework or a class).

I have done quite a few things out of my comfort zone and made some huge life decisions these past few months which have turned into some of the best choices I’ve made in a long time. And this is kind of one of them too. So now that I’m back into blogging and I am truly interested in connecting with this community and my followers even more than I did last year. I hope soon too rekindle what I had going in 2015, and to restart giving advice, starting conversations, and getting to know you all.

Here are just a few of my favorite things I couldn’t live without:
Drew. Netflix. Autumn. Cheese. Makeup. Chipotle. School. Clothes. Red hair dye. This vine.


I didn’t go into a lot of details on things because I am either in the mix of changing that (or all) plan or currently writing a blog post explaining it further.
Thanks for sticking around and getting to know me!


17 thoughts on “Reintroducing Myself.

  1. Wishing you the very best with your health. I know from experience that persistent health issues can be both a huge cause of anxiety and also an incredibly enriching and deeply fruitful learning ground. Love & blessings, Sam 🙂


  2. Hey, Brey – glad to see you’re back. Not so glad to hear about your health issues. I wish you the best in taking care of those. I do want to hear about the huge changes, when possible. Again, so glad you’re back.


  3. Welcome back! Nice post. 🙂 I really like how you write. Keep it up! I’m also taking my Masters part time–and it’s tiring. Praying for good health!


  4. I’m new to your blog, so this post really helped understanding you 😊
    You are 20 and married!! I’m 25 and never married! Girl, You have a lot of time to make babies ❤


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