Blog Stalking // A Girl, Obsessed.

I love telling you all about new blogs and things that inspire me. But I’ve been keeping one amazing, hidden gem from you guys for quite some time now. I first found Mandy and her blog, A Girl, Obsessed about the same time I started Ordinary Adventures. I originally was googling blog post ideas and came upon her treasure trove of articles. Even though Mandy focuses mainly on beauty products, she shares tons of blogging advice and ideas as well. I love her personal entires, her tips, and her fun posts about whatever she’s currently into. Pretty much everything she talks about interests me in some way. This 26 year old blogger, writer, video game player, makeup lover, and soon to be author is right behind A Beautiful Mess, as my second favorite and most visited blog out there.

I want to talk a little bit more about her lifestyle type of posts though. While beauty and blogging are her main focuses, that doesn’t stop her from sharing things that inspire her, impress her, make her happy, and even frustrates her. She is very down to earth and I find her so easy to relate to and understand. She has talked about the nitty gritty, like haters, but then can turn around and list 100 things she’s thankful for. Even her most recent post is just about what she’s jamming out to this season on the radio, and I get pulled in reading it! I strive to be like her in many ways and I pull so much motivation from her.

And then there’s her blogging tips. From how to grow your blog, to quick hints to be better, to post ideas, to how she operates her own blog, she delves in and repeatedly tells wannabe, motivated bloggers how to reach success. I know I was one of those wannabes six months back or so, and her posts helped me shape the foundations of my platform. Her advice is a great first stepping stone to get a real feel for blogging. And while I haven’t taken every grain of wisdom she’s given out, I still use almost all her posts as a reference and guide to help other bloggers and myself.

If you like my blog, you will really appreciate and have fun browsing through A Girl, Obsessed. Her effortless, pretty, professional site is a ray of sunshine in the blogging world. And her photography and style is so simple, yet clean and lovely.I know I can always enjoy and pull inspiration from Mandy’s posts. Her blog is definitely stalk worthy, so go check her out!

— Brey

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