Tea Time.

What could be better than a chilly, rainy, autumn morning, with a steaming cup of tea in hand? Nothing, that’s what.

Okay, maybe I can think of a few things, like a millions dollars, a herd of ponies, endless bruschetta… But a dreary morning being warmed up by a favorite tea is still pretty amazing.

Since I stopped drinking soda this month, I’ve been looking for healthier, still delicious alternatives beverage wise. Going through a gallon of juice can get expensive, especially with how quickly it disappears. I never was a coffee drinker, and I’ve had to let go of my all time favorite drink, Red Bull. I will admit that I have been much better off without Red Bull, and I know in the long run less/no soda is great too. But I have to admit, water can get a little tedious after a month. So I decided to pick up drinking a little bit more tea. From time to time, I’ve been brewing up my old favorites and sipping the peacefully.

It’s a pretty great alternative and the options are endless, there’s a flavor for everyone. Here’s a few of mine.

Country Peach Passion.
Currently, my favorite tea is Celestial Seasonings, Country Peach Passion. When it comes to beverages, I’m addicted to peach anything! This tea is no exception. It’s not overly fruity and it’s not too bold, but it still has a zest of passion fruit, and a hint of orange, to liven it up. Although it has a mix of ingredients, this tea holds true to it’s name and has the perfect amount of peach. A lot of peach teas (cold and hot) barely carry the peachy taste, but this tea surpasses everyone I’ve tried. It is so great and calming and delicious.

Sleepy Time Tea.
Just got home from a long day at work? It’s getting late and you need to unwind? Just want a something soothing? Get this tea. This has been the reigning champ of tea in my book for a long time. I never got or had it to help me sleep, but because of the taste! Now that I’m getting older, I can tell how much it calms me. This tea is the perfect, sweet, little pick me up at the end of any long day.

White Ayurvedic Chai.
I personally like simple flavors, and simple packaging, and simple instructions. When it comes to measuring, steeping, mixing, and pouring, I’d rather just stick my peachy bag in and go. As far as food and beverages go, I am a simple woman. But! that is just one person’s opinion. One of Drew’s favorite tea is Teavana’s White Ayurvedic Chai. I’ve seen him brew it it with just hot water and sugar, but he’s also made his own recipes. Sometimes, while feeling fancy, we’d boil the tea, add a dash of cinnamon and vanilla, and top it off with some warm milk. This would create a cheaper, less sugary, tasty Starbucks look a like. But overall, when I asked him why he likes this tea in general, he replied “I like that it tastes more than just a soggy leaf. It’s zesty and crisp and actually tastes like the spices”. So there you have it guys 🙂

What’s your favorite tea?

— Brey

62 thoughts on “Tea Time.

  1. I love hojicha tea! I might try the peach tea–I’ve been searching for the right one for so long! I did not like the Twinnings peach tea at all haha

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  2. Your mugs are the cutest! Where did you find them?
    Celestial Seasonings has some of the best tea flavors around, and I love that they’re inexpensive and can be found at normal stores. 😀

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  3. If you like peach tea, adagio teas has a very tasty peach oolong that comes in sachets. My favorite tea of all time is the seasonal (and increasingly difficult to find thanks to starbucks’s switch to teavana) Tazo Joy tea. It’s a blend of black and oolong with peach and light jasmine flavors. And it comes in sachets, so it’s perfect for days I’m feeling lazy.

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  4. Great post! Thanks for sharing. I found a great online store called Lovetea.com.au and they stock an amazing range of teas for different health concerns – skin, digestive, sleep etc. very reasonable pricing, all organic and fair trade 😊 a mix of loose leaf and pyramid tea bags

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  5. Black and red teas tend to be my favorites. Peppermint and Chai are probably my top two, but I also love Earl Grey. Lemon zinger is a childhood fav, and most other fruity ones from celestial seasonings are go-tos. Great post, and I’m aways eager to talk about tea!

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  6. I’m a coffee fanatic, but I appreciate a good cup of tea: Earl Grey, white tea, chai tea, and Celestial Seasonings’ Wild Berry Zinger are some of my favorites. And, though I know about the health benefits of green tea, I have never really liked the flavor.

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  7. I love tea! I have a whole shelf of teas and a cupboard of tea pots and tea cups to make it even more fun to drink. My favorites are peppermint green tea, Jasmine green tea, really anything with orange pekoe mixed in to the blend (especially earl grey), and lapsang (best with a bit of cream).

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  8. Common theme in the comments here is that everyone loves tea! And I am no different… I love tea! My favourites right now are a vanilla flavoured Earl Grey from Tetley, and a loose tea called Happy Wellness Tea from a local tea shop that is a combination of white and green tea with a bunch of other stuff… So tasty! I don’t mind loose tea because I have this amazing little single serving tea pot from Teavana that has the filter built in. The chai tea with warm milk sounds tasty!

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  9. I love tea! I have a cup every morning at my desk. I also love owls! Your cup is the cutest. Chamomile, Jasmine, and Dragon Pearls are a few of my fave’s. I also like Peachy Green and Passion both by Tazo.

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