It’s All In the Placement.

Hey guys! The winter break countdown is getting amazingly low and I cannot wait for this week to blaze by. This week there will be a lot going on. Last minute Christmas shopping, I’m making lunch for my department on Tuesday, I’m getting a new piercing Tuesday evening, I’m catching up some old friends throughout, having a pizza party with one of my classes, having my first work party, and so much more! I’m hoping with a jammed packed schedule, before I know it, I’ll be kicking back for 16 whole days.

In the mean time, I have another special excitement to wait for. I have finally decided to take the plunge and get my next tattoo. With Drew’s blessing, and my friends rallying around me, I am ready. I have been thinking about getting a phrase tattooed on my forearm for almost two years now. I always was so hesitant though because I knew I needed it on my arm. I worried about work and jobs and school, like any sane person would do. But after a beautiful pep talk from my husband, seeing my own professors and co-workers show off their tattoos and accept my own piercings, I knew it was time.

I have officially emailed my artist and asked for any openings before the new year. If not, the next opening is in late February, or I’ll start to look for a new artist. That’s all still in the works. I so hope I can get it done soon!

I was set on a style and placement for the longest time. Until I saw another lovely lady with a different text tattoo placement. Then it got me thinking. And then I started doing more research and questioning what would look best. I have come up with 4 beautiful placements, and I just can’t decide yet!

Personally, I think I’m liking the two bottom choices the most.
A part of me is leaning heavily towards the bottom right. This part of me reasons that it’s less noticeable, easier to cover up, hide, work around, etc. It was my original idea, and possibly the safest of the options. People won’t be automatically drawn to it, or be able to read. But I’ll know it, and it’ll always be with me.
Another part of me roots for the bottom left. If I am already getting a lower arm tattoo, might as well go for it. Every reason why the first one is not smart, is why I like this one. It’s bold, always there, and beautiful. It’s a statement. But especially as a teacher, all anyone is ever going to see is that tattoo when I’m pointing to the board or helping with work, during a handshake, etc.

A handful of my friends are cheering for the bottom left. If you do choose that one as well, please specify what arm. If it’s on the right arm, the text will flow upwards, and if it’s on the left, the text will go down the arm.

When you pick, please remember that you are not voting on sizing or font or even style. Just placement.


I’m excited to see what you guys pick!

— Brey

18 thoughts on “It’s All In the Placement.

  1. I’m not a fan of arm tats because I like leg and neck. That’s just me. I have to go with the bottom right. It just has a flow with the bracelets that a straight up and down tatt doesn’t have. Again, that’s just me. What’s important is that you like the placement and where it lives!

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  2. I have them and I’m a mortgage broker – i just wear long sleeves if it calls for it! I voted for both bottom pics although so love the one that twirls round arm for something unusual instead of straight!


  3. I really like the top left! I have 13 tattoos (for now) and most of them reside on the upper parts of my arms where my sleeves for THE most part cover them, but I don’t have any lower arm tattoos. Those are harder to cover up for me. BUT, that said IF I were to get a lower arm tattoo, it would be the upper left photo area! I love it! Good luck on it!


  4. Brey, I don’t want to sound like a party pooper, but have you considered the long term consequences of your tattoo? Over time, the black ink ages and turns into a strange green/blue colour (from personal experience). As you yourself age, your skin will thin and wrinkle and any writing will potentially be lost, stretched and mishapen.

    I know you want a new tattoo, but please think about what you have done and where. They will all need re-inking over the years. Will tattoos help or harm you in the pursuit of your dreams?

    On top of that, research shows that there are potential links to cancer

    Think carefully before you ink.


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