Blog Stalking // Skunkboy

This is a repost form August. You all had such a great reaction to my latest blog stalking of Sometimes Sweet, I thought it was appropriate to reshare Katie’s blog!

I had found Katie, creator of Skunkboy Blog on Instagram a few weeks ago while exploring new photos and creative accounts. I had seen her pictures pop up on my feed during a handful of days and became more and more intrigued. Last week, I stumbled upon a gorgeous self portrait with a burst of her fire red hair, and followed the link to her blog.
It was a good decision.

Since then I have spent a huge chunk of time being enthralled in her stories and pages and the life she captures in her folksy, calming photography. While browsing her archives though, I noticed she looked a little familiar (and not just from Instagram) and her blog reminded me of another blog I deeply love… Then I saw it. The “Find Me Here” link.

I discovered that Katie is a regular guest and co-author at A Beautiful Mess! She has been featured time and time again all over ABM. Most of those beautiful red hair Pinterest ideas and styles (that I mentioned and loved in ABM’s blog stalking), are all Katie. She has an entire archive section just of her posts! If your browse through it, there’s tons of hair and beauty ideas, as well as delightful DIYs. And that’s all just a small taste of what she’s all about.

What I love about Katie’s own blog is the fact that it is so down to earth. She has the essence, homeyness, and hand made feeling of A Beautiful Mess, but in a smaller, more unique package. Her posts shine with experiments, family life, creativity, talent, and being about whatever she feels like. Her posts are not tailor made for a thriving company, all with an agenda and the need for share-ability. Because she has strayed away from that business model, I always feel like she’s sitting down with a cup of tea, sharing and talking to a friend. Now, I’m not saying that that’s better than how AMB runs they’re breathtaking business, but it works for her on so many levels.

Katie has created a nurturing, beautiful site that makes you feel right at home. It has it’s own surprises and happiness threaded into all of her pieces and I have found so much joy and earnestness on each page. She’s crafty, cute, stylish, and seems to be an amazing mom and wife. Her two girls glow and giggle in photos and I love getting a peek into this little family’s life.

She homeschools her girls (I was homeschooled!) which I think it just the coolest thing, she has her own adorable little shop, she has an outstanding blog, amazing style: both with her beauty regimen and clothing, and she seems to do just about everything. She is a truly talented, gorgeous, inspiring blogger and gal.

I would encourage anyone to check out her blog Skunkboy and maybe take a peek at her archives on ABM!

— Brey

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