How To Create an “Instagram Inspiration” Collage.

One of my favorite monthly traditions here on Ordinary Adventures is sharing my Instagram  Inspo. I love sharing astounding and gorgeous photos I’ve liked and collected throughout the month. The past few months I have shared my collages, I’ve gotten resounding likes and encouragement. Not to mention a few people asking how I pieced it all together. I figured it was about time to show you guys how it’s done.

I decided to go with more details than less. So this may seem like a long post and a lot of steps, but it’s really easier than it seems. I know I would like every little step when it comes to doing DIYs. But like I said, it might be a little tedious and very in depth. I hope you guys won’t get lost along the way!

You’ll need your phone, an Instagram account, and a computer at the very least. I personally have an iPhone 6s and a MacBook Pro, but this is possible with pretty much any mix match of devices.


First things first, go to your Instagram’s profile on your phone. Find the little settings gear in the top right corner of your account and it will send you to an options menu.


On that page you will then click on “Posts You’ve Liked” under account. After you’ve done that, you should see the 3-by-4 blocks from your most recent likes.


The next part is easy but important. Take a screen shot on your phone! Make sure that you clearly have 4 rows visible on your screen so you have more pictures in your screen shots. Which then in turn mean less pictures to send, edit, piece together, etc. I take about 50 or so screen shots for my full collages. Personally, that only covers about two weeks of the month I’m sharing on. Sometimes I’ll skip around the days so I can be sure I’m sharing all of my favorites. Just be sure you’re not duplicating any rows in multiple pictures. You can do more than 50, or less, whatever you prefer.


After you screen shot all your 3-by-4 collages, you’ll then want to head over to where your photos get saved to.Shown above is my “Pictures” camera roll on my phone.


You’ll then select all your mini collages in your saved photos and will prepare to get them off your phone. You will then click the little box+arrow, export button on the bottom left.


This is where things might differ for some people. I used to send 5 mini collages at a time through email, and then pull each photo off onto my computer. I then realized that my phone and computer where connected with Airdrop and my life got 100% easier. So if you do have Airdrop, or something similar, you definitely can email yourself (about 5 at a time) the pictures. Airdrop, Drop Box, iCloud, etc will all be useful.


This photo above is just showing that my phone has finally connected to my MacBook Pro through Airdrop, which is where I will click to start exporting my (68) photos.
And yes, that is a very old pictures of 12 year old me. Why it is my Airdrop profile photo, I have no earthly idea.


Now we are moving off our phones and will be messing around on the computer. This picture above is now showing my computer’s Airdrop connecting with my phone, ready to receive the photos.


Scrolling down to Downloads and waiting about 15 seconds, I finally have all my mini collages on my computer! Remember, you can always move your photos from email, or your own sharing app, just get them onto your computer and in a folder.


I personally edit most of my photos through iPhoto. You can use most any photo editing app/site, all you will be doing is cropping your photos. Above is a picture of all my photos successfully moved to my iPhoto library, ready to be tinkered with.


One at a time, you will now start cropping and editing your mini collages. As I said earlier, I only crop these. I don’t mess with colors or saturation, I like to keep them in their original style. That is up to you though.

When I crop, I try to perfectly line up the 3-by-4 squares. That means I am getting rid of the “Likes”, time, and all the little extra snippets of photos around the edges. This honestly took me so long to get the hang of and get them pretty much all the same size. Sometimes I’d crop it a little too big and the lower (not full) rows would peek out. Like I said, it takes a few (hundred) tries to get it fast and right.


Now you’re done cropping your first photo! As pictured, I have all the squares the same size, no peeks of extra photos or blue borders from Instagram. Now just 50, 67, or how many you have more to go!

This is the most annoying part of the whole process. You would be surprised how long it takes to crop 68 photos.


Hopefully now you have survived cropping tons and tons of photos. You are now sick of Instagram and have no inspiration.

Just kidding, you’re over half way done, so keep going!

Save all your now cropped photos into a new folder on your desktop. Open a new Word/Pages/equivalent document on your computer. You are now going to be start crafting the big collage pieces.


One by one, you will now drag a photo on to your document. I personally size my photos to 2.7 width and 3.6 height. Again, that’s my own choice and what I have found to work best for me. It all depends on how big or tiny you want each picture in your collage to be.


With those precise heigh and width, I can fit three across and three down. I think it is the perfect size for my collages. It’s still clear enough to see what each picture is, but small enough to get a great and massive effect.

Keep dragging and sizing each picture until you have filled up one page on your document. Make sure everything can be seen in one shot and don’t make it so you have to scroll down to see the rest.


Now you have one page on your document filled out with (if you’re me, 9) mini collages. You will now screen shot your document and new full, big collage. But don’t fret, you’re almost done!


After you have screen shotted your full sized collage, you are going to put it back into iPhoto and yep,  you guessed it, crop it. This time you will be cropping out the document’s header and tool bar, the white parts of the document you didn’t fill in, and any thing that isn’t you collage.

Just as an added note. You can mix match the size of your collages; on your document or as you crop. I can make about 8 collages from the pictures I edited and put together.

To get more, just repeat steps 13.-17. as many times as you’d like, or until you run out of mini collages! Your supplies, inspiration, and photos are literally endless.


And then obviously, whatever you do with them is your own journey. I’ve always thought that making my own wallpaper out of these would be stunning. Or create a different shaped photo to hang. But you guys, at the very least, now know how create your own Insta Inspo blog posts (credit me please if you do make your own using my method)! Or you guys can even just craft your own newest phone background or a printable to keep you moitvated. These amazing collages reflect you and are always gorgeous. So make your own, and use them everywhere!


I hope this was helpful for you all. This is my first lengthly, in depth tutorial, so I’m sorry if it was a mess or just way too much. But I had fun making my November inspo, and this post as I went along. I now cannot wait to see your own Insta Inspo!

— Brey

10 thoughts on “How To Create an “Instagram Inspiration” Collage.

  1. Good Morning ~ Wanted to let you know that I really appreciate the time you took to write this post and since I am starting from scratch with instagram, I will be following along closely to learn how to make this collage, I’m so excited! Thanks and Happy Friday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not sure actually. I think there is a huge difference from using a picture as your own (which is usually when suing can happen), or saying that you are showing other people’s work and giving them credit. Also, usually suing happens after you are earning money from that said picture or using it for your own gain. But that is a good point, but I haven’t heard anything from it personally.


  2. Wow…. thanks! I just got to know how to keep track of all the posts that i Liked! Thanks sooo much for sharing this… sadly, my “liked” posts are all! need to start looking out for more interesting yours!


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