Currently // Holiday Craziness.


Feeling: Flustered yet excited. I cannot wait till my holiday break coming up, I’m nervous about money and school, I feel totally overwhelmed by my life and yet, lately, I’ve felt good. Drew and I have been really in sync lately and it’s been comforting having his company and support.

Loving: Youtube vlogs! Up until recently, Youtube was two things for me. A place to check out movie trailers before I download something, and sometimes to have a good laugh with Lets Plays for video games. And even those two things were rare. I don’t know what changed, but suddenly (like literally in the past two-three weeks) I have been finding myself on Youtube all the time. I have been watching tons of beauty vloggers, and tattoo tags, and just some amazing gals sharing about their lives. It’s also been extremely inspirational to me; I’ve gotten tons of ideas for posts and goals, etc. It’s even got me considering doing a vlog in the future (maybe). But it’s been fun seeing all these unique ladies talk and give advice, tips, and so many fun things. Ahh, I’m in love. Be prepared for a handful of “roundup” type posts and bingeables about them very soon!

Watching: Other than all those amazing vlogs, and Youtube spamming, I am marathoning Grey’s Anatomy for the second/third-ish time. Since I last talked about Grey’s about a week ago, I’ve covered another 3 seasons or so. Such a perfect show with so many feels.

Buying: Christmas presents! I made it a point to sit down and get everything for Drew in pretty much one foul swoop. Last week I got his last stocking stuffer and everything is all wrapped up beautifully now. In more ways then one (the buying is “wrapped up” and the gifts are wrapped in paper. haha, get it?). But then came the hard(er) part. Between my family and Drew’s, we are scrambling around for about 10 affordable, yet meaningful presents. And by we, I mean mostly me. We actually were able to knock out all the buying for the women in our lives over the past weekend, and we are still desperately trying to keep our budget in mind, and get awesome stuff, and not go crazy.

Planning: Holiday schedules between parties, families, and ourselves is getting a little hectic this year. I will talk about this later, but Drew and I have our own little Christmas traditions already in place, and I’m so excited for them. But a lot of other stuff is going on. This year with family drama, first time work holiday parties, and other traditions, we’re trying to fairly break up our time without going crazy. We’re blessed to have both our immediate families in about a 10 minute radius of us, but it also makes it hard to split up our holidays and not have anyone feel left out. So, it’s still being juggled around, but we’ll have something worked out soon (hopefully).

How is everyone else doing?

— Brey



10 thoughts on “Currently // Holiday Craziness.

  1. I wish I could buy gifts (meaningful ones like you said) for everyone! Greys is also one of my favorite shows, and let me just tell you.. binge watching makes it that much easier to keep track of what’s happening from season to season! Cheers to a good holiday break! 🙂


  2. I LOVE vlogs. I am currently very into watching makeup and hair tutorials (even though I NEVER do my makeup!) but love how crisp and well done the videos are. I hope you choose to pursue it! I definitely plan to sometime in the near future!

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  3. I got into YouTube a few months ago – subscribing to all (it felt like) the beauty channels. It’s really fun, isn’t it? Like a whole new world just opened up again. Haha. I love social media.
    I’ve marathoned Grey’s Anatomy a few times too. I love those first few seasons when everything was angst (not that it’s changed) but it reminds me of being in college, not being able to watch it on Thursday night because of class and having to wait until 1 pm the next say when ABC released it online. I haven’t seen the last two seasons yet – saving those for my next marathon.
    And Don’t be nervous about money – things always work out! How is your Etsy store doing?

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  4. I feel your pain with the Christmas presents. I am the worst gift giver ever but I’m really trying hard to give some good gifts for the family this year WHILE on a budget. The struggle is real. lol good luck!


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