Stocking Stuffers // Hers

Honestly, my favorite gifts are always in my stocking. I never really received or was even a huge fan of bigger gifts. Getting a whole goodie bag of my favorite little stuff is the best way to my heart. I’ve also come to find, that for most people, this is the hardest part of Christmas shopping! So if you want some cute but inexpensive gift ideas, or need to stuff that stocking, here’s some items she’s sure to love!

*hint * Drew * hint*


Sticky Notes – Second to stocking stuffers, my favorite thing to get is little notes. What makes a little note even better? It being written on cute stationary! I love these innovative, fun stickies that have been out and popular for a while now. There’s so many cute sayings and fun messages, there’s sure to be one you will want to leave around.


Fuzzy socks – Is it really Christmas if you don’t get at least one pair of socks? But ditch the boring Hanes and get some warm, fuzzy booties that will keep her toes toasty all winter.

Phone cases – I love accessorizing my phone! I think a cool, cute phone case is the perfect stocking stuffer. I ran into these amazing translucent cases on Amazon and fell in love. And $5? Can’t go wrong with that.

Body mist – Another sweet but classic gift is perfumes! Forgo the $30+ prize tags and opt for breezy body mists. They’re just as pretty smelling and are the perfect size to throw in a purse but come at the fraction of the cost. Pink has some awesome scents, and paired with Amazon’s free shipping, you can’t get a better deal.

Candle – Everyone loves candles. My personal favorite scent of all time is Pink Sands; it’s the most refreshing, beautiful smell. If it’s for mood lighting, the sweet smell, or just as thoughtful gift, you should definitely pick up one candle this Christmas.

Nail polish – Another stocking stuffer classic: nail polish. I’ve been in love with sand nail polish, but any cool color will do. No matter how many bottles a girl has, she’ll always be happy to add a new one to her collection.

EOS lip balm – I’ve gotten some EOS lip balm almost every Christmas. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer as well as the perfect chap stick I’ve ever had! It’s adorably packaged and at a great price, she’s bound to love it.

Undies – This more of an item I’d personally love to see in my stocking, so I’m not speaking for everyone here. But I am in love with Aerie’s undies and would never be disappointed to find a cute (or sexy) pair in my stocking this year!

Cute pouch – This was kind of my “random” item of the bunch. But when I saw this on Aerie’s sight, I thought it was just too cute not to share. I could totally see this as a cute makeup bag, or pencil case. Make it even a sweeter gift and fill it with some candy or makeup!


What is your favorite thing to find in your stocking?

— Brey

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