Blog Stalking // Sometimes Sweet.

Not too long ago, while doing my routine stalking of Katie’s site, Skunkboy, and I stumbled upon a new site. I was first perusing her guest posts about tattoos and was extremely interested. I love seeing other’s art and their tattoos, and beyond that, I was really enjoying how laid back and conversational her writing sounded. And from there, the relationship between me and Sometimes Sweet began.

When I find a new blog, the first thing I do is check their “About”. If I’m going to spend time and get emotionally involved at some level with someone’s personal writings, and their life, I want to get some background on the creator first! I want to know how they present themselves or what they’re interested in, or at least what they are going to mainly be talking about. Usually if the bio is thorough enough, I can see if the entirety of the blog is a good fit for me to browse through or not, just by how they introduce themselves.

So, what caught my eye instantly, was her little bio and description of her history. English high school teacher, got her masters in English, now runs a blog, is a stay at home mom… Sounds exactly what my life’s plan/goals are. Ok, now I’m she has my full attention.

The second major thing I noticed about Danielle is how unashamedly she is herself. As well as how that effects her blog. Every post is a little quirky, and is sometimes full of her opinions, sweet photos of her life, or just fun articles. If she wants to post thirty consecutive photos of her kids, she will. If in the next post she wants to share her political agenda or private views, she will. And if in the next post after that she wants to show what is on her fashion wish list, then yes, she will.

Especially in an online era where everyone is trying to make something huge with their blog, I found all of this refreshing. She’s raw and she doesn’t beat around the bush. I can tell that her blog isn’t a chore, or her job, or anything other than an expression of herself, no matter what that may be.

Another point I’ve noticed is that her blog is not “perfect”. Every picture isn’t perfectly centered and posed. Each line isn’t edited down and the pictures aren’t all photoshopped. Actually, most of her posts have just one photo, maybe taken from her phone, or a while ago as a memory, or just there for fun.
While I can prefer and appreciate and even like the competitive, business style blogs more, I can also feel motivated and have a better connection with blogs like Sometimes Sweet. It’s attainable, and more realistic. While I might not learn another DIY project, I can see an honest, beautiful glimpse into an extraordinary person’s life.


Danielle doesn’t own a multi million dollar company. She doesn’t have a new post everyday. She doesn’t live and breathe her work. She’s a normal girl, who is covered in tattoos, has a great sense of style, with a beautiful family, lots of talents, and isn’t shy about sharing her adventures. I can appreciate that, learn from it, and be inspired.

— Brey

10 thoughts on “Blog Stalking // Sometimes Sweet.

  1. There is a similar phrase I’ve heard when it comes to musicians. “The best musicians in the world are not always on television, Youtube, or packing arenas. They’re often asking, ‘Do you want fries with that?’
    I can’t tell you how often I come across the next great Tolstoy or Hemingway or Dickinson (fill in the blank) on a simple blogstalk. I also enjoy the positivism on your site and the encouraging words you’ve given this other reader. I’m making a slow return to the blogging world and although I enjoy some of the shadowy subjects of the literary world, it’s important to remember that fellow writing enthusiasts need to be a light along the way.
    It’s a messy place and word of encouragement means the difference between a floor with rice from the baby’s high chair and a floor with a ten foot hole in it.

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