The Four Best Winter Dates.

With every season, comes new opportunities and ways to have fun. During the spring, you can tour the cheery blossoms. Summer brings day trips to the beach. Fall brings pumpkin patches and hot chocolates. But during the winter, there’s a whole bundle of dates and activities you can enjoy.

Tis the season for lots of layers, chilly wind, and hopefully, lots of snow days. While sometimes winter dates can seem limited, I try to see them more as cozy and creative cuddley sessions! I know personally, when the days get dark at 4pm, it’s hard to get motivated to go out or even do anything other than nap. But there’s a whole world of cute, warm dates you can have fun with this winter!

Here are a few dates that will spice up your holiday season. I know for a fact that I will be checking these off over the next month or two.


Fireside date.
I love at-home date nights. Find a cute movie, order some take out, dim the lights: it’s a great way to have a romantic night. The only thing that would make it better? Spice up your date nights by adding in a roaring fire, as you’re snuggled up, hearing it burn and crackle. The mood lighting, the romance, the heat, hopefully in more ways than one will make your time together that much hotter!

Build a fort.
Ok, so maybe you do love at-home dates, but you don’t have a fireplace. Or you have a gas fireplace like I do and it stinks up the whole house and gives you a head sometimes. Or maybe you just don’t like fires, and you want another idea to spice up your inside date. Well, have no fear, because I have an even better idea.
Bring out your inner child and create your very own blanket fort. Last year Drew and I blew up our air mattress, moved most of furniture, grabbed all our sheets and even dragged out TV into it! Between our little cave, the Netflix binge, and awesomeness of it all, it was one of my favorite dates of last year! Half the fun is building the fort, and then  even more fun once your done. Your possibilities are endless and you can cater it to be more of a fun, or adorable, or even romantic night in.

Late night walk (in the snow).
Especially during the first snow fall of the year, I love taking Jax out for a walk. It’s even better when I can drag Drew along. The quiet bubble the snow creates, the serenity and beauty of it all: it’s a sweet and special affair. There’s nothing lovelier than to grab your honey and walk in the quiet bliss. And maybe even add in looking at all the Christmas lights in your neighborhood to bring some extra sparkle and fun. It’s a great way to make a simple activity magical.

Go ice skating.
This is one of Drew’s favorite winter dates! In a couple of the surrounding towns we have some quaint ice rinks that gear up around November. Usually the towns are decked out in twinkling lights, sweet tunes croon mixed with laughter fill the air, and there’s always a buzz of joy. Go just the two of you, or go as a group date and have a blast skating in the fun scene. It’s a great excuse to hold your significant other’s hand and be a little active!

— Brey

9 thoughts on “The Four Best Winter Dates.

  1. Those ideas sound good. We like to go for “winter wonderland” walks. I feel like I need to tell you to please call in a professional to look at your gas fireplace, sounds like there is a problem. We have a gas fireplace we use it everyday and we love it!


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