November Happy Mail.

Last month’s subscription of Happy Mail got mixed reviews in my book. While I loved the cool blue hues, and the tangy plums, I felt as though this collection was lacking. It’s not even because the cards weren’t adorable, or had a nice variety, no, not even that. It’s because I was really hoping that A Beautiful Mess was going to share at least one Holiday card. I’m not sure if they are just waiting until December’s subscription or if they won’t at all, but either one is disappointing. If it’s the first reason and they are waiting until this month, then it would be a waste! Most of these subscriptions don’t arrive at my door until the tail end of the month. Even this package didn’t arrive until the last week of November. So if December’s Happy Mail is chalk full of holiday cards and sweet tidings, then I probably won’t even get them until after Christmas. Or best case scenario, right before, but still too little time to send them out! And if it’s the second reason, and they just aren’t sharing Holiday cards, then… I think they missed a great opportunity.
Even if they didn’t want to use a whole month’s Happy Mail for Holiday cards, it would have been awesome if they had a limited time Holiday card choice or collection to purchase. I would have loved quirky, beautiful Christmas cards from them!

Anyway. Getting past that, there are still some great cards in this stash. Two cards I really enjoyed are the yellow and black toned cards. One celebrates being one of a kind, while the other is a simple but cute thank you note. These cards and their plaid envelopes remind me so much of “Clueless” which brings a sense of old-school cool and chicness that I just love!










Which is your favorite? Out of all of them, I have to say that my favorite is the fancy nail polish postcard!

— Brey

9 thoughts on “November Happy Mail.

  1. ‘Belong to where you are’ ……..I was asked a question on Monday morning which I have agonised over all week ….THIS sums it up so perfectly and simply
    …..I LOVE your cheery blog missey:)

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