December Goals.

It’s only December 2nd, but I already feel like December is going on forever. I’m all wonky and off because I didn’t post my goals on the 1st and now my days are all mixed up. That one change makes me think I’ve missed a whole week of this month, not just a day! I feel clogged, or like I’m in slow-mo now.

This month I’m aiming for practical. Due to my other goals currently going on and the hecticness of this season, I’m trying not to stress myself too much. Also, if I’m being honest, I’m gearing myself up for the big, year shattering goals I’m preparing for January!

Is 2015 already almost over!?


Keep working out three time a week (even during break).
It wasn’t that I did it on purpose necessarily, but during Thanksgiving break, I did not workout. That’s not the worst thing to happen though, it was only three days. But what I don’t want to have happen, is for me to sit around for more than two weeks when my next break rolls around. And maybe during the Holidays I don’t have to keep my MWF routine, but I feel so antsy and lazy without going. I don’t want to feel that way for weeks and lose the small amount of progress I’ve gained. On the plus side, I went on Monday and I’m already planning on hitting the gym this evening, so at least I haven’t lost my motivation!

Four new posts a week.
This break I was on a roll. I got about 15 drafts started, and finished almost 5 full posts ahead of time. I love producing new content for you guys and pushing myself to not slack off. So this month I am aiming to post at least 4x a week. With only 3 work weeks left until Christmas break, I should be able to squeeze by. But I’ve been extremely excited and inspired lately, so I’m feeling pretty confident I’ll reach this goal!

Stay with the new budget.
The one major downside to grad school? Tuition. I was super blessed enough not to have students loans when I left college the first time. But there’s no way I can leave with my masters while paying for everything upfront. And now being a non-degree student, I don’t get FAFSA either… So this semester, our budget is going to be a little tight. If maybe non-existent. We’ll see. But if it will, or there is any chance of it happening, the budget I’ve written has to be implemented and now. If you guys feel generous and want to help me out and my cause, every $5 counts. ❤

Regrow nails.
A little over a month ago, I got acrylic. I had been keeping my nails short as it was getting cold, and I wanted to do something a little edgy. When the nails finally came off about two weeks later, I unfortunately started biting my nails again. I was able to break the 16 year long habit earlier this year in April and kept at it. But I guess with the thin, destroyed nails, and them already being weak and flimsy, I was tempted all over again. I’m tired of it already though and I’m ready to break this habit again and have pretty green and red nails by the time Christmas comes around.

15 minutes of stretching a night.
For the past week I have been taking about 10-15 minutes a night to stretch. I’ve pulled out my yoga mat, angled the TV, and have been productive during my Grey’s Anatomy binges. I’m dying to get the splits and I finally figured out that I won’t get them just by wishing for them. It’s been relaxing and rewarding to watch and feel accomplished as I can feel my hamstrings crying. I just need to keep it up and pray for results!

But yea. Between all that and my bucket list, I’ll be staying busy. But not too busy, because I’m supposed to be relaxing this month!

— Brey

14 thoughts on “December Goals.

  1. Good luck! 🙂 That’s awesome about the posting goals – I’m relatively new to blogging and I don’t often plan posts in advance, which I probably should! I just get a quick idea, and write it out really quickly but it would be good to get some ideas and drafts going! #inspiration haha x


  2. Progress not perfection. You have some great goals up there so do the work and you will reap the results. I’ll be following along and shouting encouragement anytime you need/want it.


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