Blog Stalking // Barefoot Blonde.

Good morning everyone. I have a treat for you all, I’m excited to recommend another sweet lifestyle blog! I’d like to show you all a little taste of Barefoot Blonde. Crafted by the new mommy of two, Amber has made a cozy, precious space on the Internet. Even at the young age of 25, she provides impeccable photography skills, beauty secrets, and my goodness, can I please have her hair?

Amber’s blog is a textbook  example of a lifestyle blog, which I know I made that almost sound like a bad thing. I don’t mean it that way though, I only say it because her site focuses about 95% on just letting us get a peek at her life and her little family. There’s no DIYs, or TV show reviews, or blogging tips. It’s simpler than that. There will always be an inspiring and heart warming picture and usually a blurb on that day’s adventure. Sometimes just a little update on what’s going on and an impromptu photoshoot of her babies. She loves showing off her adorable family, her lovely little ones, and we love seeing it!

There’s one other thing that brings even more spark to Barefoot Blonde. This family loves to travel. If it’s to Paris, Canada, paradise beaches, or even exploring their own town of New York City, they are always exploring. Most posts showcases some amazing journeys and enviable vacations or as simple as a trip to tourist spots in the area. As they constantly explore, you can’t help but be a little motivated and little in awe of the adorable adventurers.

She recently did a little make over and overhaul of her blog, and I’m loving it. I really like the little header of her Instagram photos; it adds such a colorful touch to the whole site. I’m always a fan of header menus, and a simple, but deliciously peach colored banner. It’s these little type of touches that just bring warmth and beauty to her pages that sometimes goes unnoticed.

Even more than that, I am a huge fan of her overall styling of her posts and content. I like browsing through her long posts of pictures and scenes. By the end of one, I feel like I was there and apart of the moment. I usually can’t help but smile after seeing her son’s infectious giggles, and the purity and love this family has for each other. And then every once in a while, a hair tutorial will make me jealous and spend hours frustrated at my own mess on my head. Let me tell you, this lady has great style. Fashion, hair, beauty, and baby: she knows what she’s doing.

I just love how homey her blog feels. Just by scrolling through one page, you get a real sense of her essence and you feel like you’re apart of her family. She truly has a gift of capturing moments and sharing it through her blog and photography.


I truly enjoy Amber’s blog, but even more so, I’m definitely a daily stalker of her Instagram. I’m personally a little more into the DIY or even “learning” type blogs (where I can get tips or ideas, etc.) than I am with just straight photography/photojournalism blogs. But when it comes to gorgeous pictures, sweet words, and a precious life, Amber’s blog hits the spot.

— Brey

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