Bingeable // Gilmore Girls

I want spend some time today talking to you about Gilmore Girls. As well as why you need to watch it, now. Already seen it? Go watch it again.

This is yet another show that I knew of and averted myself from through my childhood and teenage years. Man, was I prejudice towards TV shows while growing up, or what? My loss for sure. But I am so glad that I decided to see what all the buzz was about earlier this year and got warped into the world of Stars Hallow.

Why I watched it.
I am always on the hunt for good, binge worthy, sappy, heartfelt, agonizing, hilarious, witty, romantic, endearing, wonderful, drama filled shows. I usually only look for a few of those qualities, but Gilmore Girls can be categorized under all of those. I loved catching all the clever puns, jokes, and conversations between this mother and daughter duo. I loved crying with them, hating one of them, or both of them. I loved following their crazy, infuriating love lives spin out of control, season after season. I loved having my heart broken with Lorelei from all the men in her life, her parents, and Rory. I loved watching Rory grow up, make mistakes, achieve her dreams. I loved watching the friendships. I loved bursting out laughing every episode. I loved the whacky town and everyone in it. I loved watching relationships, and families grow and change and bond. I loved watching the realness, and forgiveness, and pain all wrapped up in this series. I loved how smart the characters and script were. I loved everything about this show. I still can’t believe it took me almost fifteen years to finally come around.

Why you should watch it.
If you’re still wondering if you should give this show a chance after that long tangent above, then you might have problems. Let me break this down a little more. You watch Rory go through high school and college. You cheer for her. You hate her. You cry with her. You see yourself in her, you grow as you watch her bloom. You love her. And you love Lorelei. You understand her pain and clash with her parents. You love her for giving her life and parts of her happiness away for her daughter. You love her for her heart and forgiveness and fight. You love her ferocity and drive. You love her and Luke. And that just leads into the love you have for Rory’s grandparents, Rory’s dad, Lane, Paris, Sookie, and definitely Kirk. You love their little town, their diner, their inn, their family and friends. You get completely sucked in and you won’t want to leave.
All in all, the dialogue never gets old, the charm never leaves, the love never dies. Even though you’ll laugh at the turtlenecks and “awesome” 2000’s style, the heartache and problems and decisions are still so relevant and honest. You can still completely connect and feel everything they’re going through. Their little family is broken, not rich, has problems, and they have fights that sometimes take months to fix. The mother daughter bond is heart warming and beautiful, yet they still have their major fights and troubles. And the chemistry on set is so strong, it makes the wittiness, reactions, the plot so real and down to earth.
I can’t guys. It can’t get any better than that. Just take my word for it.

Where to watch it.
I’m thinking about taking this part out of our weekly Bingeable, because I only watch Netflix, and I won’t have you guys succumb to loading each of these 150+ episodes through streaming. Although, some of these seasons are also on ABC Family’s website.

How long it will take.
As mentioned above, in all seven seasons, there are 153 episodes. It’ll take over 100 hours, but those will be an amazing 100 hours. I am so glad I can finally share a show with you all where I don’t have to warn you about a certain or last season. Watch this show, watch all of it, and love all of it.

— Brey

78 thoughts on “Bingeable // Gilmore Girls

  1. I was obsessed with that show! I want(ed) to live in Stars Hollow (still looking for a town like that), desperately want(ed) Lorelai’s house, and just loved the dynamic of it all! I’m not sure if I can jump on board with a re-boot (I kind of feel like it’s one of those moments locked in time), but I could re-watch episodes forever!! ❤


  2. My Dad quite severely limited our TV watching when I was a kid, and by the time my parents split up, I just didn’t really watch TV at all. I missed out on a lot of TV shows because I just didn’t know they even existed – and Gilmore Girls was one of them. I finally started watching it last xmas while house-sitting for a friend who had US netflix, but I only got through 3 seasons before I went home and the AUS netflix doesn’t have Gilmore Girls 😦

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