Things I’m Most Thankful for This Year.

I would like to talk to you all about the five things I’m most thankful for this year. That’s not to say these are the only five things I’m grateful for, but each of these has shaped and changed my life dramatically in the past twelve months or so, more than anything else. And for those shifts and evolution, I’m thankful. 72gpyai

Our first year of marriage was much harder than this second one. But that is not to say that this one hasn’t had it’s own ups and downs. Somehow though, he’s stuck around, I’ve stuck around, and we’ve made it work. I’m so grateful for my companion, best friend, and provider.

Getting into grad school.
I tried to share some of my excitement a few days ago, but even that didn’t scratch the surface. I’m thrilled to further my academic career, and reach schooling higher than any other person I know. I’m even looking forward to throwing myself into more work, and to push myself to a new level. I’m ready to be mind blowingly busy.

My job.
Sometimes, I admit, I love to hate my job. Of course working with over one hundred kids, dozens of co-workers, and fulfilling an outstanding amount of legal obligations, can be a headache at times. But. I have already made some precious friends, found my passion, and continually learn something new everyday. No matter how much I think I look forward to days off, I miss my kids when I’m not at work. How many people can say that about their jobs?

I know that’s corny and sounds so narcissist. But I am proud of myself this year. Since last thanksgiving, I graduated college, kept my marriage and household flowing, got into grad school, excelled and fell in love with an amazing job, and stood up for myself in ways I’ve never come close to in the past. I’m growing. I’m getting there, and it’s okay for me to take some pride in myself and pat myself on the back for doing all that.

You guys.
My dear readers, I am thankful for you. From rambling at you all, the sweet support or encouragement from you all, and the ton of little things I have gained from blogging, I am so thankful for you guys. This whole blogging experience has radically changed my life. It’s been an anchor, an inspiration, and sometimes even a chore. Those are all good things though, because it’s pushed me to do some pretty cool things.
Beyond that, one of my favorite parts of the day is coming home from work, sitting down in bed, opening my computer and reading through my comments. You guys are amazing ❤

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!
— Brey

13 thoughts on “Things I’m Most Thankful for This Year.

  1. Happy thanksgiving! And I wanna tell you that it’s a great thing to be thankful for yourself! When you work hard to be the best person you can be, it’s great to appreciate yourself! ❤


  2. Thankyou for ‘liking’ my post ….am new to this blogging lark so not 100% sure what I’m doing yet ….just getting stuff out of my head really ….LOVE your blog …LOVE the style ….LOVE that you are just out there being yourself ….and that’s the point of blogging isn’t it? …..wonderful!:)


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