My Favorite Lip Products.

I do not wear lipstick. I barely wear lip gloss. I can’t live without chapstick.

I envy those who can pull off a daring red lip, and I sigh when I see a pretty nude or blush shade. Unfortunately between my horribly chronic dry lips and honestly my distaste (laziness, inexperience) with most make up, I have never been able to pull off lipstick very well. It always accentuates the cracks in my lips and is way too bold and clown like on me. But a sheer lipgloss can be the perfect touch for a special night out or interview. Even with glosses, I am still very picky and it’s quite rare for me to take the extra step in the morning.

With all that being said, I am a chapstick hoarder. I’ve tried just about every chapstick brand, flavor, tint, and promise out there. I’m always on the look out for a great product to help keep my lips from hurting and cracking all the time, but I also want to look great. I’ve learned the best brands and products that leave my lips healed and stylish. Here are my favorite lip products of all time.

EOS – Blueberry Chapstick
I think it’s safe to say that every gal out there has tried an EOS egg chapstick. Every year I can bet on a little egg being apart of a stocking stuffer or birthday bag. They’re cute, they work, they’re the perfect fun gift or accessory for anyone. I love how many different shades and scents they come in, but my favorite is the blueberry! I have at least ten EOS eggs around my house and definitely one in my purse, one my car, two on my bathroom counter, and four in my nightstand. All it comes down to is: I cannot go to bed without applying some. And in the morning, I am always thankful and happy. This is my go-to chapstick, and it should be yours too.

Lip Smacker – Watermelon Chapstick
Before the EOS eggs, Lip Smackers was my tweenage go-to chapstick. Back then I’d have every scent and every collection out there. It didn’t take long to realize that the watermelon was far superior and the best smelling. As time went on and after my move last year, I have ended up with only one Lip Smacker chapstick: my old watermelon tube. This chapstick works wonders on cracked lips. It’s soothing, great smelling, has the slightest tint to it, it evens out the bumps and cracks of my lips, and is just fun. If I ever use any type of lipstick or gloss, I will always use this as my bottom coat to keep my lips healthy and dewy.

Baby Lips – Peach Chap/lipstick
I LOVE this lipstick so much for so many reasons. 1) It’s an amazing chapstick that will heal and nourish your lips. 2) It has the slightest tint of a light pink/nude color to it, that is gorgeous for those who want a hint of a lipstick color. 3) It is also slightly shimmery, which makes this color so fun, yet still romantic and professional. 4) The best part: the smell! This peachy, creamy scent will make you want to keep applying this all day long. I loved this product so much, it’s the lipstick I chose to wear on my wedding day!

Forever 21 – Lipgloss
This is my favorite lipgloss I have ever tried. So many are heavy, too bright, or not bright enough and end up clear. I found this cute tube on Forever 21’s website a while back and purchased it because of the adorable bottle it came in. Imagine my surprise when I found out that the gloss turned out to be amazing! Just like Baby Lips, it’s sweet smelling, has a soft, light tint, and has the tinniest hint of shimmer. It has never clumped or gotten thick on me, and is always a sweet treat for my lips and look.

— Brey

53 thoughts on “My Favorite Lip Products.

  1. I keep an EOS chapstick in my bedroom, the bathroom, the living room, and the kitchen counter, so I guess I’m a bit obsessed, too. I also love the Nivea “A Kiss of Milk and Honey” lip balm in the yellow tube.


  2. Great post 🙂 I have also tried so many 😦 we have harsh dryness up here and eos worked well and I have many baby lips ❤ and my hemp organics lip balm, Cheaper brands like chapstick or smackers, or even burts bees do not work at all for me.


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