Blog Stalking // Damn Delicious.

It has been quite a long while since I have last shared a binge worthy blog. I’ve spent the past few months getting inspired and mesmerized by some amazing blogs. This one though, just might take the cake.

It’s been one of my goals recently to get back into the kitchen. Well I guess more like get into the kitchen at all; there’s never been the much cooking going on in the first place. But when it comes to my busy schedule (which you guys know alllll about), I need my recipes to be fast, delicious, incredibly easy, and affordable! Thankfully, I ran into a site that offers meets all of those requirements and more! It’s time to check out Damn Delicious.

I honestly cannot even remember how I stumbled upon Chungah’s fabulous site, but I am so thankful I did. I’ve tried to get into cooking a few times; I’ve experimented with cook books and interesting recipes. I either got frustrated at the long list of ingredients I need to dish out my money for, or got even more infuriated at the precise instructions. I obviously am not a chef. I love Damn Delicious because even the recipes not labeled “quick and easy” are still just that!

Somehow Chungah, the adorable gal who created this marvelous website, picked up all her skills by what I’m doing now. Her talent and browsing of blogs and books has been much more successful than mine. Even with her impeccable skills and evident passion, she still focuses on meals that everyday, average ‘cook’ can do at home. And usually in less than a half an hour. What more could you want?

That was a rhetorical question, because there is more! Her site is so easy to navigate, both when exploring the recipes, and deciphering them when you finally pick one. She has at least a dozen recipe genres to pick from and a beautiful interface as you browse. It’s fresh and bright and makes my stomach growl. Her recipes are not any different. With lots of pictures, a quick summary on the dish, she also brings such ease to her instructions. In bold, color blurbs, she breaks down each item into easy to follow, manageable lists and steps. I have yet to find a site that matches both her beautiful down to earth voice and selections, yet still lets me feel competent and satisfied in the grocery store, kitchen and dinning room.

If you’re a more experienced chef, or are a pitiful beginner like me, check out Damn Delicious. With multiple weekly updates for the past five years, there’s bound to be an exciting, perfect recipe waiting for you.

— Brey

14 thoughts on “Blog Stalking // Damn Delicious.

  1. I have to say – I love her recipes! I have had success with the several I’ve tried, and it’s always quick & easy (unlike so many websites that ‘claim’ to be…).

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