My Week In Photos // November.

This past week was crazy. I started the week in a dreary, calm haze as I forwent my normal work schedule. Instead, I attended Paraprofessional training Monday and Tuesday. For those who do not know, Paraprofessional is just a fancy name for special ed teacher’s assistants. While the training was sometimes dreadfully boring at times (16 hours of training? can’t help but be a little bit of a snooze fest), it was honestly so nice to have a change of pace. It also made me very aware of how much I actually like my job and missed ‘my’ kids and (most of) my coworkers.

I went to go see the Martian on an impromptu, super fun date night with Drew on Wednesday. By the way, it was a must see, so good! The rest of the week was quiet as I counted down the days until the weekend. I had good hair days, went to the gym three times, listened to my first Christmas song of the season, and was reunited with an old favorite childhood game!

Unfortunately, the week ended on a lower point. The heartbreak of Friday’s attack left me empty, but I know I have nothing new to share on the topic. Topping it off on Saturday, extreme crappiness in the relationship department of my life struck hard. Things have been rectified and I spent Sunday night having fun and exploring a new hobby.

To say the least though, I’m feeling wary of this Monday. I’m sore, tired, and ready for the holidays to start up.

Here’s to a quick, painless week.

— Brey

9 thoughts on “My Week In Photos // November.

  1. I would agree on being ready for the holiday season to start. My college goes on Thanksgiving break on Friday and I am more then ready to get some time to relax and spend with my family. Really enjoyed the little things that you picked out of each of your days even though you might not of had the best day. Hope you have a nice week 🙂


  2. Your hair is so cute! Mine is about that short, I’m thinking of going even shorter! Cheers to a “awkward” week as I like to call them 🙄 hope this next one is brighter 🙂

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