Growing up, I always thought blue was overrated. It seemed so generic, secure, too calm. Teal, sky, ocean, sea foam, navy, cobalt, I’ve begone to see the beauty in it all. I see it’s strength, it’s confidence, and quietness. Now, my home, wardrobe, and life is surrounded by it.

— Brey

77 thoughts on “Blue.

  1. I have actually become quite a fan of blue lately myself. I normally go for i-your-face-bright-pinks, but blue is so calming. I used to associate it with sadness, but it feels bright and happy now πŸ™‚ I love those shoes by the way!


  2. Just like you, blue was never on my list in my younger days, for a different reason though. Funny we have such loud preferences, though I would call it prejudice here. I though blue was loud and red wasnt 😳! But as years have passed, I have grown so fond of blue, my wardrobe is partly filled with blues. Liked your article.

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  3. These are beautiful pictures! It’s funny because once in class when I was younger, everyone said their favorite color was blue. Mine was still pink at the time. I started wondering why everyone liked blue. I went in my parent’s room and at the time, they had a light and dark blue rose candle. I stared at it for a long time and started to see just how beautiful the color was. Now it’s my favorite!

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  4. I’ve never liked blue but in the past year I’ve been investing more in it wardrobe-wise as long as it’s paired with another colour. All over blue or blue walls make me feel cold and blah but I’m now making pairs of blue and turquoise patterned trousers and actually, I’m liking it more (especially paired with yellow)

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