Bingeable // Ink Master.

I was so excited when I first saw this show on Netflix. I gobbled down the first season in no time and was itching to watch more. This show is the best reality, competition show I’ve ever seen. And probably the only one I’ve actually enjoyed. I fell in love with the art, the judges, and the hilarity and suspense of it all. This show is definitely worth a watch, you won’t be able to stop yourself to see who each winner is!

Why I watched it. I love reality TV. But I am not a fan of competition shows. I never liked Dancing with the Stars, or the Amazing Race, and especially not the fifty seasons of American Idol. It was way too scripted and forced and boring. There’s too much background, or arguing, or filler in most of those shows, too. That’s the think about Ink Masters. 98% of the show is just the challenges and art. They have about 2-5 minutes every episode of the contestants talking to one another, if that. They also don’t spend most of the episode deliberating or drawing out drama between the judges and contestants. The show is almost entirely just the art, then talking about the art, and then dissecting the art, and then it’s done. It’s so refreshing to just enjoy a reality TV show and have it focus on something interesting, which is the tattoos themselves. The art is either cringey, amazing, laughable, or beautiful, and it’s always fun to see the reveal and different styles. This show may or may not have helped encourage me bite the bullet and get my own tattoo.

Why you should watch it. This show mixed competition, technique, challenges, and a ton of cool aspects like guest judges competing, 24 hour long tattoos, all different genres, and so much more. You’ll enjoy actually watching the competitions and tattoos, as well as the challenges every episode. You’ll sit at the edge of your seat every round as their elimination tattoos are finally revealed. You’ll gasp in horror at the fact that some of the tattoos are permanently on those poor canvases bodies forever. You’ll nod your head in satisfaction at some of the outstanding work. And I promise, every live finale will leave you giggling at the awkwardness of everyone on stage. Not to mention how amazing it is to see the development of all the artists throughout the show. You can see them change and evolve and really grow in their ability which is so cool to see. It’s a great show with actual talent and skill and interest. Even if you aren’t a fan of tattoos, you can enjoy the facts, the art and the work.

Where to watch it. The first season is on Netfilx. Some episodes and some seasons are on as well. I recommend just streaming the other seasons though.

How long it will take. If you only want to watch the first season on Netflix, it’ll take about seven hours. I recommend the first season to any other. It’s clean, fast, and has my favorite artists. But the other four seasons are all longer, and in total, you’ll spend about 22 hours watching all of Ink Master.

— Brey

11 thoughts on “Bingeable // Ink Master.

  1. I want to like this show, but the past two seasons were all about the drama. I’m glad for who won last season, but it was all extra bull that had nothing to do with the art itself.
    I wish Best Ink would return on Oxygen.


  2. Our favorite competition reality show is Face Off on the SciFy channel. It’s really all about the people’s art, their sculpts and face painting, costumes, and rarely do we see any drama. I may not agree with all of the judges but in the end, it’s just a fun show.

    Can’t wait to look up InkMasters on my Netflix. Now I know what I’ll be doing the next couple of days!

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