Get to Know Me Monday // My Current Week Day Schedule.

Happy Monday everyone! I definitely am having one, on this cloudy, cozy day. I’m almost never this chipper on Mondays, but I will admit, it might have something to do with the fact that it’s a teacher work day. And that I’m at home. Not at work.


I am definitely already enjoying my day off from work, but I am determined not to have this be a day off of everything though. On these rare days I’m home alone, left to my own devices, I can usually get a lot done. And because I spent most of yesterday cleaning the house, I don’t have any chores on my to do list. That just leaves a few challenging, important hurdles to get done. I’m excited to wrap these big goals up and to have them off my plate though! Phew, I can already feel the gears turning.

Unfortunately most week days do not go this way. I barely have enough time to hit my snooze button once and get out the door on time. Then it’s rushing around classroom to classroom hoping I don’t mess anything up. Before I know it, it’s dark outside and I’m sitting on the couch famished and exhausted. On those days, it’s much harder to get those challenges and interesting goals accomplished, no matter how important they are.

Thank goodness for teacher work days.

But to be serious, I really hope to change all that soon. I hate that the norm is me fighting to stay awake all day, even after I get home. I hate that writing and experimenting and hobbies get swept under the rug and are left unchecked on my to do lists everyday. Lately, my day to day life has been draining, discouraging, and lazy. With my November goals and planner , hopefully that will change! But that’s a new sentiment and a new goal. Currently, this is how my week days go.

My alarm chirps at 7:15 every morning.
I check my phone, will myself to abandon the warmth of my covers, and get dressed. Usually this takes until 7:30 and then I find myself in the bathroom. Hair, makeup, blinking until my eyes aren’t blurry takes a few minutes. By then, Jax, my one year old lab mix, realizes I’m awake and is crying for attention and to be let out. He gets relieved, fed, and kissed. I then have about 15 minutes to eat breakfast and grab my coat and be at my car by 8:15.

Work stretches from 8:40 to about 4:15.
My commute is graciously easy and I’m swinging into the teacher’s lot in twenty minutes. Even though my official hours are only 9-3:45 my work day starts at 8:40 (if not earlier!). Who needs to be paid for that extra hour of work every day anyway? First bell rings at 9 and for the next seven plus hours, I get through four blocks and my lunch.

I am home by 5, eat by 7 or so.
There’s a lot more traffic coming home and I’m crashed on the couch by 5. Jax needs to be walked and fed again and given some love. Dinner’s lately have been whatever’s in the fridge whenever we’re hungry. No rhyme, no reason, no schedule, no heathy meals. I only said 7 up there because I’m usually starving and there’s no way I can last longer than that before I have to heat something up.

Veg out till bed time at 12:30 or later.
Thankfully, I have been going to bed earlier ad earlier. Some nights I still squeak by until 1, but it’s usually lights out at midnight. Up until then it’s lots of Netflix, some time with Drew, more TV, maybe some blogging, and oh yea, more Netflix.

And that’s about it! I don’t do much and I really want that to change. I’m beyond worn out everyday, but I end up feeling more tired and bad if I just lay around. As you can see, there isn’t any gym, cooking, cleaning, adventuring, experimenting, and barely even blogging on a normal basis. Writing it out for you guys just drives that point even further. I’m figuring out that the more I do, the more accomplished and satisfied I feel. While most days I feel like all I can muster is Netflix, it only makes me feel sadder and sleepier in the long run

Looks like it’s time to write more lists, set more goals, and use my planner!

— Brey

9 thoughts on “Get to Know Me Monday // My Current Week Day Schedule.

  1. I would suggest delegation. My partner writes the lists – I actually go to the shops and in return she googles the walk-throughs for whatever game I’m playing and then demands sex in return. It all works out quite well except I never get any writing done and there’s some chaffing. Every cloud…. 😦 But you could get up earlier?

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  2. Considering that schedule, I really admire that you blog as much as you do. For the entire time I’ve had my blog (a little over two years), I haven’t been able to break my record of 3 posts in a month, and keeping up with even two recently has been a challenge. I guess the key is learning to write simple, short posts that don’t require a ton of thought and editing, and it seems that you’ve found a way to do that. Despite all the schedule craziness, keep up the good work. 🙂

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  3. I feel your pain – I imagine keeping a blogging schedule, a life and your sanity is difficult with any job but teaching takes it to a whole new level. I’m impressed you make it to midnight!!

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  4. You sound like you’re really struggling through your time management lately, so I had to write a comment in case I could help. Since you’ve just started a new job, I think you should be kind to yourself until you get used to the new demands on your time and energy.

    When I started my first “big girl” job, I was SO tired every day after work that I occasionally just went to bed…at 6pm. It’s an entirely differently lifestyle than being a student and the fact is, there simply isn’t as much time or energy to be engaging in hobbies and “fun” stuff.

    Of course, if you make it a priority (and watch fewer shows! haha) then you can squeeze in more of what you love, but the fact remains that the worst part of being an adult is spending most of your time dedicated to stuff that really doesn’t matter (like work…family is important to me, work isn’t) in order to meet your obligations.

    There is a new status quo in your life, so give yourself an adjustment period before you start over-scheduling (and overwhelming) yourself. You aren’t lazy – you’re tired and you’re entitled to be tired! Don’t worry, it will get easier.


  5. Well … you’ve kind of convinced me that I need to work out a better, more sensible day schedule. Mine has been kind of topsy-turny these last few weeks. (Of course, I can blame a little of that on a couple of days in the hospital and doctor’s appointments throwing things into a bit of a tizzy … but that only counts for about one week! Ha! what about the others??? LOL


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