100 Things That Make Me Happy.

When I first thought of this post, I thought maybe I should do 4 things that make me happy this 4th. Then the list grew to fifty. And before I knew it, I had listed out 100 things that make me happy! It was so therapeutic and uplifting to recall and be thankful for all these little (and big) things in my life.

1. Spending quality time with my husband.
2. Blogging.
3. Going skiing.
4. Eating good food.
5. Getting home after a long day of work.
6. Buying new clothes.
7. Driving with the windows down.
8. Riding horses.
9. Getting little notes.
10. Having the thoroughly clean.
11. Lighting candles.
12. Getting things done.
13. Slurpees.
14. Getting a new piercing.
15. When my package is delivered.
16. Sleeping in.
17. Young adult novels.
18. The taste of Red Bull in the morning.
19. Finding new, beautiful blogs.
20. Making to do lists.
21. Getting paid after a long work week.
22. Throwing away bags of old junk and trash.
23. Getting lovely comments.
24. Looking at Peonies.
25. Receiving a letter.
26. That feeling you get when you finish a paper/test/assignment.
27. Getting inspired.
28. Reading a good book.
29. Doing something nice for someone else.
30. Getting my nails done.
31. Thinking of the perfect blog post to write.
32. When plans get cancelled.
33. Finding the perfect pair on jeans.
34. Getting a hair cut.
35. Getting my eyeliner just right.
36. Binging a new show.
37. Finishing my entire to do list.
38. Going to the beach.
39. The sound of rain on my window.
40. Finishing a good workout.
41. Sitting in front of a roaring fire on a cold night.
42. Feeling the breeze in my hair.
43. Putting on a new outfit and feeling fierce.
44. My family.
45. Having your hair stay styled all day.
46. Stopping a bad habit.
47. Going out with a good friend.
48. Stretching my legs after a long trip.
49. Playing a piano piece perfectly after so many tries.
50. Painting my nails perfectly.
51. Having a game night with my parents.
52. Giving a present.
53. Sleeping with the windows open.
54. The smell of the ocean.
55. The crunch of fall leaves under my feet.
56. Putting lotion on my freshly shaved legs.
57. Going hiking.
58. Catching fireflies.
59. The sound of thunder and rain.
60. Waking up and realizing you have more time to sleep.
61. Having a day off of work.
62. Getting Panera delivered.
63. Flipping my calendar to the next month.
64. My pets.
65. Going on vacation.
66. Getting a massage.
67. Playing video games with my husband.
68. Finding out my favorite show’s new season is on Netflix.
69. When Drew paints my toe nails for me.
70. My current job.
71. My new job.
72. Looking through old scrapbooks.
73. Watching fireworks.
74. Going on a motorcycle ride.
75. Taking Jax to the dog park.
76. Being wrapped up on a cold night.
77. Hearing my parents say they’re proud of me.
78. Getting a present.
79. Picking up a take out order.
80. Brushing through my hair when it’s silky smooth.
81. Learning something new.
82. Getting flowers.
83. Reaching my step count goal.
84. Getting coupons to my favorite stores.
85. Taking care of someone when they aren’t feeling well.
86. Falling asleep in Drew’s arms.
87. Blasting music while driving.
88. Taking long walks on a cool day.
89. Snow days.
90. When nothing goes wrong for a whole day.
91. Cooking and preparing a delectable meal.
92. Getting half off Chipotle on Halloween.
93. A cozy, warm bed.
94. Jumping into the pool on a hot day.
95. Going to the aquarium.
96. Seeing an old friend.
97. Taking a long hot bath.
98. Finally learning how to get that hairstyle just right.
99. Laughing so hard I cry.
100. And all my amazing followers and readers.

I encourage you all to take a little time this weekend and think about all the things that make you happy and you’re thankful for. Not only will it be fun to create and think about, but it’ll leave you in such a joyful, lifted mood. There are so many things to be happy about! What makes you happy?

— Brey

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