What I’m Listening to This Week // Paper Towns Soundtrack.

It’s been a while since I shared some new music with you guys, but I think you’ll love what I got for you all today! I have to admit, I am a John Green junkie. I’ve read all his books, seen all his movies, and am already nervously waiting for the (possibly horrible) Looking For Alaska movie next summer. With that being said, I have already watched Paper Towns three times since it’s July release and fall deeper into my disappointment each viewing. On the other hand, I fall more in love with it’s soundtrack each time!

Why I’m listening.
I bought this album because after hearing it blaster in the theatre, I knew it was special. After the first time through I was only able to like one song. Only one. But I listened to that one song for a whole month almost on repeat, it was just so fantastic. Then last week I decided to actually give the whole soundtrack another run through, just in case I was missing something.

I definitely was.

Is it the best music ever created? No. But it’s fresh, a lot of it is a new style (for me), and it’s strong. It’s upbeat and makes me bounce and smile during my commute. It is a great collection of fun music.

My favorites.
The best song on the album is Swingin Party. This is the song that I originally (and still) spammed. It’s hypnotic, beautiful, and will leave you feeling mysterious and vulnerable. It was the first song played during the movie and I can’t help but grin ear to ear and relax during the opening credits because of it. To the Top is my next favorite, with it’s fun beat, heart felt lyrics, and easy flow, you won’t be able keep yourself from belting it out. There’s almost an old, rock vibe that matches perfectly to Twin Shadow’s deep voice. My Type is Drew’s favorite when I spam this CD and I can’t blame him. With heavy saxs and an infectious beat, it’s bound to get your toes tapping and lips into a smirk. Search PartyLost It to TryingRunaway, and Memories all have a similar electronic, fun sound to them. While sometimes they can get lost in the long soundtrack song list, they will keep the album moving and your finger off the skip button.Lastly, Taxi Cab will borderline put you into a trance. It’s drowned bass and simple violin makes this one of the more interesting and unique songs on the album. This song took the longest for me to warm up to, but it’s minimalist sound somehow works. And works beautifully.

That doesn’t leave too many songs left. Even the remaining tracks aren’t bad, making this album an all around thumbs up.

— Brey

17 thoughts on “What I’m Listening to This Week // Paper Towns Soundtrack.

  1. I almost picked up the movie at Walmart the other day. I’m a huge John Green fan and have read all of his books. This is the only movie that I haven’t seen. How did it line up in comparison to the book? I’ll probably watch it anyways just to say that I have. Just wanted to here your opinion 🙂 Definitely will be checking out this soundtrack it sounds pretty cool.


    1. the movie was pretty disappointing compared to the book. They changed the whole feel. The suspense and fear as he’s looking for her isn’t there any more, and trying to find her by a certain time is replaced by needing to go back to prom!? The whole ending is infuriating.
      But my husband who hasn’t read the book watched it with me and enjoyed it haha. It’s not that bad I was just a huge fan of the book.


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