Get to Know Me Monday // 3 More Facts.

I’m a shopaholic.
And it’s horrible. And wonderful, but mostly horrible. It’s fun because I have an extensive closet, bunch of toys, and random items I’m glad I have. But it’s awful because money. It’s hard to save for those longer term, bigger things like a house, master’s degree, student loans, etc. While writing this, I was about to throw in a counter argument saying I haven’t bought anything from Forever 21 in well over a month, so I’m doing better! But then I remembered that instead, I have bought a few things from Aerie, Amazon, and Sephora in that time. And now with Christmas around the corner and a few splurges (applications, blog stuff) and possibly (hopefully) tuition payments, our bank account won’t get a break any time soon.


I need to be in a quiet area to write.
I love watching Netflix as I clean and surf the web. But when I start typing a post, or even leave a comment on Facebook, I have to pause the TV to get anything out. It’s that bad. I need just a few moments of as silence as I can get, to jot anything down! On a normal night, I pick my show or movie and start relaxing. When I feel guilty or get some inspiration to write, I pause whatever device I’m watching and usually write a paragraph or so. Then, I unpause my show again for a few minutes. Rinse repeat. That’s probably why my blogging has suffered so much since I started work. I love watching my shows, but I can’t write at the same time. When I only have a few hours of free time every night, it’s harder to convince myself to keep pausing and keep writing then to just veg out.

It’s pretty bad though. Music, tv, even someone talking, I need silence to write! Even to write texts! At least I know what I need and what to do to get things done. 

If school was cheaper, I’d be a degree collector.
I’m one of those few weirdos that loves school! Sure, right after a graduated last December, I had a huge sigh of relief and joked with my friends about how good not having homework or the commute was. It didn’t take long for me to miss my classes, even assignments, and the people. Especially when the alternative was 40+ hour work weeks.

But there is just so much to learn and so many awesome things out in the world I’d love to delve into. If money wasn’t an issue or higher education was free, I’d be going to John Hopkins for an Egyptology/history masters. Or I’d wander up to Baltimore to get a marine biologist degree. Or get a double masters at GMU in both history and English! In the very least, not feel like I’m selling my soul while checking out loan options for my one master’s degree next year…

Anyway, happy Monday everyone! I’m feeling extremely skeptical and wary of this week already, don’t want to get my hopes up like I did last Monday. What I am telling myself though, is that no matter how bad this week is, I have a four day weekend starting on Friday night! I’ll just keep reminding myself that…

— Brey

20 thoughts on “Get to Know Me Monday // 3 More Facts.

  1. Thanks for this post. After being in an abusive relationship where I was unable to buy anything, I left with nothing. I’ve recently had a splurge on purchasing 1950s vintage style clothing. I have over 30 dresses, with another two arriving today. Then there are skirts, tops and shoes in addition! But I only purchase items which are in the sale or have promotional discounts, Still, every time I say I am done, something else comes up. My son’s third birthday is December 15th; Christmas is ten days later. What I have done is stay within my means, and have put money aside for my son’s presents. Maybe one day we will be able to save.
    As for the need for quiet to write. I hear you on that one. I feel like the walls are closing in on me of someone so much as breathes around me! I like my space, and become irritable if I am constantly being interrupted when I write.
    I hope you get to do the course(s) you wish to do. Good luck!

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  2. I also love having netflix on in the background…it’s a real problem for me, as I also need silence to write. Sometimes I think I do it because I live alone and so the noise helps alleviate the silence, which can be a lot of pressure. I dunno what I’m saying lol, but yeah, basically, I relate. Hope this week is good for you!

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  3. Nice one Bree! I think you need a journal so you could jot down blog ideas which you could type much later without taking the fun out of TV time. If possible, choose to submit one post per week and pick a day with less distractions and do it. Don’t kick yourself about it – am guilty of d first two! πŸ˜€ cheers!

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  4. I find it very difficult to watch something, and even at times, listen to something, while I’m trying to get my thoughts out.
    Sometimes, the silence is too deafening while I’m trying to write, so I’ll put on some classical music. As long as there aren’t any words, and the tempo isn’t too upbeat, I’m fine. lol
    I wish money wasn’t an issue either, for school. I really enjoyed going to classes, doing the work, learning, and the discipline that came with it. What a shame it cost so much.

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  5. I hate to shop, but I need absolute silence to write as well and I also LOVE school. Originally I wanted to get PhD and then I realized that I needed to actually start working and make some money. If it was practical, I’d just keep getting degrees but unfortunately it’s not. I try to pursue learning in other ways though.


  6. Though I can’t fit another pair of shoes in my closet I still managed to buy another pair today (they were on sale after all) so I’m right there with you. I got my student loan balance and thought how much more I could put towards it instead of buying shoes, even if they were reasonably priced. I’m the same way with writing too. I’ve tried the TV-blog multitask and it just never works. Always end up having to turn the TV off or pause the DVR πŸ™‚

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  7. A degree collector… Yes! Gosh that would be great. The writing thing makes sense too. Mostly I can tune out other noises if I want or need to, but it’s hard to be watching and listening to a story while trying to write a different one.

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  8. OMG! I’m an online shopaholic too!! But only towards a certain china online platform because it’s so cheap! After all, a lot of our goods are now made in China hence I prefer to get directly from them, cut out the middleman.


  9. Wow… it’s so much fun getting to know you!!
    Thanks for sharing!
    I love learning too.. and i learn so much from my fellow bloggers. And am sure a keen eye and creative mind such as yours can learn loads during shopping trips as well!!!

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  10. I’m a SHOPAHOLIC tooooo!!! Feels so good to admit that and yes, the guilt thereafter. I am 2 weeks clean ( have not bought any clothes or shoes or perfumes or beauty products) am waiting for December when I will guiltlessly spoil my self…ha ha we all deserve it. Yes, if schools were cheaper and we had more time, i would be a Degree collector too..

    Hope your week is coming along fine… xx

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  11. Loved this idea! Getting to know you mondays! I’m a newbie blogger and I’m always scouting for ideas. I think I’ll try this sometime too πŸ™‚ Thanks.
    PS: I would’ve been a degree collector too. (Except that I have a 9 to 6 job). But I love exams! πŸ™‚

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