October Happy Mail.

One of my favorite days of the month is when my A Beautiful Mess package is waiting for me at my door. It’s always so fun unboxing my Happy Mail subscription and finding all the adorable goodies inside. Each month I try not to cheat and get a sneak peek online because I love being truly surprised by my order.

This month I didn’t peek at all, so everything caught my eye and get a second look.This wasn’t the fall dream stash like last month, but there were still some sweet cards. Reds, pinks, and corals took over most of October’s color pallet. I loved that they incorporated a thank you, birthday, and apology card. There were also a lot less love notes and way more friendship cards which I can definitely appreciate! Overall, this was a great selection this month. My favorite is probably the apology card (bandages) because I think it’s such a thoughtful, sweet idea and I’ve never seen one before. Keep an eye out and tell me which is your favorite!

Just a thought, send some love out this week!

— Brey

9 thoughts on “October Happy Mail.

  1. I LOVE Snail Mail! What is this? Like a birchbox but of gift cards for you to use yourself for others? I think my favorite is the you nailed it so far! 😀 I have been thinking of sitting down with my own card collection and sending out some notes to friends ♥ I feel hand written letters are so much more thoughtful.

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