This Week in Pictures // October. 

I’ve been feeling like a broken record lately, but this week was hard. Drama with friends, family, and work were a little extreme. Stress, bad sleep schedules, and sore feelings were floating around way too much. Physical pain and emotional tolls were taken. Honestly, I just feel wiped out.

On weeks like this though, I need to remember to take the time to find the good. Because after sifting through the frustration, there were still some really happy moments.

Wednesday was Drew’s 24th birthday! We got real low key and snuggly with Chipotle burritos, a Naruto marathon, and some pie. I think he had a good day 😉

Yesterday I treated myself to a kick ass manicure. I’d only gotten acrylics one other time, but after almost breaking an entire nail off on Friday (OWCH), I knew I couldn’t get a regular mani. I decided to do something totally different and fun with these insanely gorgeous almond shaped, black claws. I’m in love!

This didn’t happen this week, but it was too true not to share.

On Friday a fellow teacher offered me some pretzel treats. I love all things Halloween so this was such a cute surprise.

This picture was taken earlier in the week, so sans claws. But in our 9th grade English classes we are reading A Monster Calls out loud. Such a gripping and beautiful book.

Tell me about your week!

— Brey

18 thoughts on “This Week in Pictures // October. 

  1. Those pretzels are awesome – hope I can find some in the UK! Great nails too – love having mine painted as dark as that, but it’s a rare treat. You’ve made me want to book an appointment!

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  2. Great manicure! I wonder where those adorable pretzels can be found. This week was taxing for me too, maybe it was just pre Halloween craziness for us, Brey. But between the dating drama and mild illness, I think some progress has been made with the work stress. Hope we both have a better week this week! ❤

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  3. My week was filled with decorating our new house, finally agreeing to leave a job to find something new and rewarding, and taking care of my sick husband(we women ALL know how men get when they are sick). 🙂

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  4. Your nails look AMAZING! I am thinking of doing acryllics too. Let me know if you find them damaging for your actual nails… Also, dont be sad, everyone’s lives have ups and downs and both of these have something to teach to us and make us stronger. Have a nice week! 🙂

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  5. I feel your pain; had a bad week too! Same thing with family drama and feeling left out of family affairs. feeling a little sorry for myself. I ended up doing a little shopping on Friday to cheer myself up; two new pairs of jeans and a top. Good sales prevented me from not feeling too guilty. Hope next week is better for both of us! Hugs!

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