Workout Wednesdays // Getting Back On Track.

It’s that time of week again. It’s Wednesday, which means the week is half way over and also time for me to catch you up on my fitness and health. One of my October goals was to workout once a week. Which, while I was writing it, didn’t seem like a lot. But before now and since I started work, I was going to the gym zero times a week, so bumping that number up to one was reasonable. Baby steps.

That’s something I’m realizing. Baby steps are better than no steps. Going once a week and staying moving and reaching my step count everyday is better than nothing. Beyond that, it’s a stepping stone. I have found that I cannot go from zero to four. I would be setting myself up to fail if I set out to reach my end goals this month. I have to start small, I have to start somewhere and that will lead to another goal, and another, and then, eventually, my end goal.

Believe me though, this is frustrating for me. On Sunday, Drew and I headed to the gym and it felt really good to be back. I did three exercises with weights, took it a little easy, seeing as I haven’t been doing anything active since June/July. And by take it easy I mean going from lifting 100+ lbs while bench pressing down to 45 lbs. What’s more? I am still sore. I still groan when I get up from a chair due to the squats, my chest muscles ache when I lift my arms from the benching. It’s a little pathetic.

But I have to come back some how. It’s not like waiting longer would magically get me stronger from everyday chores. It’s not like I’ll get healthier and fitter just lounging around after work. And it’s not like I can go back to where I was after such a long break. I can totally forget about coming back even stronger! I have to work my way back up.

I’m having to remind myself that healthy living is a marathon, not a sprint. And for a while there, I had to take a breather, rein myself back into a walk. That’s ok! I needed that. Now I can pick up the pace and start jogging again. Then start running.

All in all, I’m trying to stay positive. I met my once a week quota, and had a good session. Next session will be even better and I’ll keep at it. Maybe next month I’ll get my routine to twice a week, and maybe by 2016 I’ll be working out three times a week!

For now though, baby steps.

— Brey

22 thoughts on “Workout Wednesdays // Getting Back On Track.

  1. I love that metaphor about the marathon, and working back up to a run! Perfect way to describe not only working out but accomplishing all goals. Working out is something I really know I should do, and I even sometimes enjoy it when I do it *gasp*! But it’s also incredibly hard to find the time, and especially the motivation. My urge to blog is so much greater than my urge to workout! Haha. Reading your workout wednesdays though makes me want to get back at it!

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  2. I *literally* feel your pain. I just started back to the gym this week after an injury. It really sucks but at the same time I caught myself smiling while there, and I always feel good after, that I’m actually working toward what I keep saying I want.

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  3. Keeping gym motivation is hard, but setting yourself goals, not matter how big or small, is a really good idea. It helps you feel a great deal of satisfaction when you complete your goal, but it also makes you feel sad or disappointed in yourself when you don’t – which strangely is also good motivation. Keep up the good work, you’ll get there! xx

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  4. You are so right, there are times when you will be able to prioritise the gym and get in four workouts a week but sometimes life throws lots of other priorities your way. Being flexible is key! Keep it up girl!


  5. Good for you! Baby steps are always better than none and yet I tell myself I have to go all out. Then I end up doing nothing. This has been very inspirational!


  6. I think setting the goals too high is the reason why many people lose motivation for working out. When I first started working out because of my back pain, I did it just like you. Once a week, typically on the weekend. Once I started seeing the results, decrease of back pain, I decided to increase frequency and somehow make time for it. Fitness and workouts should not be a burden, it should make you feel good and help you de-stress. Wish you all the best on achieving your goals, dear! :*

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  7. It is most certainly not pathetic. The journey is the most exciting part. If you are that sore, I’d be tempted to drop the weight even further. It’s not all about how much we can lift. I’m just getting back after a short lay off and did some fairly low weight deadlifts for me, high rep and today I can barely sit. Take each day as it comes and I for one will look forward to hearing how you progress. Super excited for you. Great job btw.

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  8. I think it’s great you’re working out, but don’t forget that you don’t have to look a certain way to be validated as a person, either. I think an important part of working out is building confidence. It’s OK to be OK with who you are.


  9. I love your blog.. so creative!!! How did you get different posts in the three headings (home, about the author and published work)? I just cannot figure out how to move posts to specific menu pages and not to be visible on all my pages.


    1. Thank you!
      I am not 100% sure what you are reffering to, but I believe you are talking about categories? Besides tags while writing your post, is an option to add a category.
      Was that helpful? =/


      1. In your blog for example you have the categories “journal” and “fitness” and “blogging” etc. and in each category you assign which post you want to share in that specific category. I just don’t know how to move posts to my specific pages.


      2. Ooooh, okay, yes.
        So go to your WP admin list. Go to “categories” and create which categories you want. Then go down to “menus” and create a new menu. Add your categories in order how you want them. be sure to save your menu and have your “primary menu” match your new one.

        Lastly, while writing your posts, add which category your post will go under 🙂


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