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Because I have been behind on everything in my life lately, I am not completely prepared to show you all a recipe today. But yes, today is Saturday and it was supposed to my first day for my segment, My Daily Bread. I do have a nifty substitute for you all though and I felt that this post was pretty synonymous with the whole recipe theme!

One of my goals for September was to create a Pinterest cookbook. A lot of recipes I would like to try and food my mouth waters over are on Pinterest! I have a whole board just of delicious meals I cannot wait to crack into. The problem was though, I’m not great at looking at screens. Reading directions or articles on a little bright screen, or the thought of dragging my laptop next to my stove as I cook? No thanks. Beyond that though, Pinterest boards aren’t organized, detailed cookbooks. I’d have to follow links, move computers, try to figure out recipes and grocery lists, and I knew I wouldn’t get anything done that way. So I came up with the idea to create my very own Pinterest cookbook.

Last weekend I sat down and opened about fifty new tabs on my browser, all food pictures from Pinterest of meals I’d like to try and make. From there I started opening links, copying pictures, text, and directions, on to a blank document. With a little bit of cleaning up and rearranging, it took no time at all to have a simple, but effective finished product.

Let me break in down a little bit more for you guys.

1. Click on the Pinterest picture you’re interested in making. With only one click, you’ll still be on Pinterest’s site but you’ve enlarged the picture and can now open the link to the original site.

2. After you’ve clicked on the enlarged picture from Pinterest’s site, it will take you to the original content. If it’s a well put together site, you should be looking at more pictures, instructions, and possibly even a blurb about the dish.

3. Usually towards the bottom of the recipe page, you’ll find the ingredients and instructions. Using the basic “copy and paste” method, highlight the sections you want in your cookbook!

4. All the while you should have or go ahead and open up a blank word document.

5. Once you have your document up, go ahead and paste the text in. It will just be kind of a blob of text, not super pretty, but you’re almost done! Don’t forget to copy and paste/drag a picture in for reference.

6. Lastly, just clean up the recipe a bit. Add a title, size the picture, etc. I decided to go for a super simple, clean, but easy to read design.

And I guess as the last step, just repeat until your little book is filled up! I only ended up with forty-four recipes due to crappy websites and bad instructions. But that is plenty for me to get started with and jump into the kitchen.

Now I’m extremely excited because I have no more excuses and some great resources. My recipes are organized, have pictures, all the details I need are lined up. I’m ready to go. Let’s get cooking!

— Brey

8 thoughts on “Pinterest Cookbook

  1. OH my goodness, I love Pinterest for recipes! I have SO many I need to try. Lately, I’ll try to just go through and pick one new one a week to try out. I also try to make a comment on my pin to remember the changes I’ve made. Look forward to seeing your creation!


  2. Genious!! Making a cookbook is a work in progress for me – I also like to have a hard copy, and when I`m done, I`ll hopefully have a proper book which will make one great and identical Christmas present to all one year, too! Thank you for the inspiration – truely awsome!!


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