52 Date Ideas // Never have a boring weekend again.

It seems like every free weekend I have, I end up spending it the exact same way with Drew. Our dates usually consist of food out and a movie at home. And I’m ready to spice things up! Coming up with ideas is actually much harder than it sounds. Between being cheap, doable, and relaxing, there are not as much options as you would think. So, with some research, time, asking, and compiling, I’ve created a list of date ideas that we can do every weekend for a whole year! It’ll be quite a while before we have a boring night in.

1. Go to a playground.

2. Go on a double date.

3. Cook a fancy dinner together. Set up mood lighting, candles, music, and set the table. Make it a special night in.

4. Whoever is the last to get off work Friday night should bring home their favorite take out dinner.

5. Build a fort out of blankets and pillows.

6. Get a couples massage out together.

7. Take a hike at a local nature trail.

8. Create “love coupons” and redeem them all one night.

9. Have a dance party together in the living room. Slow dance, and jam out to your favorite tunes.

10. Stay up light one night and just talk about things.

11. Pack a picnic.

12. Take a dance class.

13. Go to a local event.  A lot of towns of movie nights, pool parties, carnivals, festivals, etc. 

14. Make breakfast in bed for your significant other and have a slow morning together.

15. If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, have a romantic evening in from of it. Eat dinner, watch a movie, cuddle and talk, have fun with it!

16. Go stargazing. Even if it’s from your deck or  in your yard, or drive to a quiet spot.

17. Have a board game night. Play your favorite card or board games.

18. Have a video game night. Pop in a disk a destroy each other at Mario cart, or Gears of War, or whatever your favorite two player game is.

19. Be traditional and go to the movies. I can’t even remember the last time I went to the theater, it’s so cliche. I forget how fun it can be to unwind, hold hands, and take in the big screen.

20. Go play laser tag.

21. Go to a go cart track and race each other.

22. Go to an indoor trampoline room, it’s fun to act like a kid again!

23. Boost your indorfines and go to the gym together.

24. Bake together.

25. If you have a porch or a yard, have romantic dinner there during sunset. Change the scenery while still dinning in.

26. Cook your favorite recipe together. 

27. Sometimes a movie can get boring and be too long. Have a youtube/vines marathon and show each other your favorites. Their quick and silly and you two won’t stop laughing.

28. Go to a garden center together. Pick up a potted plant, or just smell the fresh flowers, or get plans set up for your yard.

29. Go ‘house hunting’ and view model homes.

30. Go bowling.

31. Have a movie marathon. Watch a trilogy or just each pick a favorite movie to watch that night.

32. Go camping. You don’t even have to spend the night, just grab a camp site, or make a fire pit and have fun.

33.If you’re hard core, go paintballing.

34. Rent a moped and take a ride.

35. Wait till it gets dark and take a midnight walk. Enjoy the serenity and quietness. 

36. Go to a theme park.

37. Go to a water park.

38. Go apple picking.

39. And if they aren’t in season, go berry piking.

40. Get a couples massage at home with just the two of you.

41. Have a museum date.

42. Go to winery. Take the tour or have lunch or a picnic there.

43. Go ice skating. Even if it’s the middle of summer, find an indoor rink.

44. Go roller skating.

45. Go kayaking/canoeing.

46. Go to a bookstore and browse. Grab some coffee, show each other your favorites and classics.

47. Go to a petting zoo.

48. Go to the actual zoo.

49. Have a mini road trip. Is there that land mark, or beach, or place just an hour or two away? Head there and spend the day enjoying it.

50. Go to a driving range and hit some balls.

51. Visit an animal shelter. Play with the puppies or cuddle the kittens.

52. Go play a round of mini golf. Winner buys ice cream.

I’m excited to try these out and have fun next weekend. What are your favorite dates?

— Brey

44 thoughts on “52 Date Ideas // Never have a boring weekend again.

  1. Some of my favourite dates include: browsing the books at Chapters, going for an evening jog, picnics, and going to the arcade. Yes, the arcade; it’s so much fun! Those dance revolution machines are the best.

    If you don’t mind me making a correction (I can’t help myself), “indorfines” should be endorphins.

    Liked by 1 person

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