Get to Know Me Monday // Quick Bio.

Seeing as today is Monday (booo), it looks like it’s time for me to begin my newest installment here on Ordinary Adventures (yay)! I’m so excited to start Get To Know Me Monday’s and just get to connect with you all on a deeper level. This week is a little light and fun as I share the basics. But some weeks I hope to share personal struggles, things I’m wrestling with, and questions I’m pondering. Of course I won’t forget to share fun facts and silly stories, too!

But for this week, first things first, before I get way ahead of myself, let me formally introduce myself.

My name is Brey and I am twenty years old. I was born in Northern Virginia and still reside there to this day. I am currently living in a one bedroom apartment with my wonderful husband, Drew and our puppy, Jax. Drew and I got married last May, but have been soulmates since we met well over eight years ago. He has definitely been my rock as I’ve grown up and he’s taken every step I’ve had to face, by my side. I couldn’t ask for a better partner in crime.

After being homeschooled all my life, I got my high school diploma considerably early. I moved on to get my Associates degree from NVCC and then moved up to GMU for my bachelors. I graduated from George Mason University this past December with my BA in history. Although I’m not really doing anything with that concentration, I’m relieved to have my diploma in general. It’s so hard to get a job around here without one now a days! Luckily I landed an awesome job this summer and I started in late August. I am a Special Ed Teacher’s Aid in the English department in a beautiful, brand new high school. It’s my first official big girl job and I’m soaking it all in. In the past month or so, I’ve already faced tons of challenges, happiness, and interesting moments to say the least.

And while I am so thankful to have my position, I can’t help but feel the need for more. As I stand and watch my co-workers teach, I know that someday I want to do more than just be the back up. While I yearn for more from my career, I have to consider so many options and all the paths I could take. That’s where I’m at now. Struggling with decisions regarding my future, our finances, our family, and so much more. It’s been gnawing at my brain everyday, almost driving me crazy, but it’s hard to decide which logic to listen to.

While I’m not having an internal conflict or chugging away at work, I do actually have some hobbies. Obviously, I am a blogger during my free time! It’s been such a whirlwind (just like everything else in my life) but I know for certain that I want to continue and create something more with this hobby. I love how it’s been pushing in me in almost every aspect I can think of. It’s pushing me to write everyday, to be creative, to try new things, to share, to have a voice, to get to know some beautiful people.

Besides blogging I’m trying to juggle and feel out some other hobbies. I ski when in money and season permits, I dance when my body complies, I clean when I need a little therapy and have the motivation, I read when books are available, I ride horses when my wallet isn’t tight, and I love going to the gym when my body allows. Not to mention, I am a champion binge watcher. Not to brag or anything, but Netflix and I are besties.

Currently my day to day life consists of taming my sleeping schedule, figuring out my place at work, spending time with my hubby, squeezing in some writing or watching or napping, rinse and repeat. Things are changing though and are getting better. I’m excited to see what will happen next.

So there it is! All the very, very basics about me. I realized that many of you don’t even know the very fundamentals of my life, so it was about time I introduced myself. Thanks for stopping by, I’m glad I could say hi.

— Brey

33 thoughts on “Get to Know Me Monday // Quick Bio.

  1. Brey! I have an idea and suggestion for you… Why don’t you start a blog where you would invite people to submit 5 Facts about themselves in a format prescribed by you and then you publish them with their ping back link. In that way you fetch visitors and those who submit will get attention… I got this idea from this site:

    And you are only doing for yourself in your blog but their we can know many people… That would be interesting to read…

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  2. I know that it seems odd to comment on such a late post, but I am glad I found this little introduction! I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve been slightly obsessively reading your blog since I discovered it (maybe two months ago?) and I chose to spend a little time tonight reading through the posts I missed. Your posts are interesting, refreshing and fun to read. So anyway, I suppose this is hello, from one blogger to another. I look forward to reading more! 🙂 – Yael

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