Blogging Update.

Happy Sunday!

I’ve been mentioning my blogging burnout a lot lately, I know it must be getting old. But I’ve been realizing more and more recently, that it’s not just blogging burnout. It’s life burnout. When I come home from a mentally and physically exhausting day at work (uhm… everyday?), the last thing I can do is be creative. It’s hard to do anything other than lay in bed and watch Netflix. I haven’t cooked, worked out, tried new challenges, or did much of anything while I’ve been adjusting to my new schedule. I’m definitely not going to beat myself up about it, it’s been hard changing my whole routine. But I do think it’s time that I start pushing through it. I’ve been loving my job, but I don’t want it to be the only thing I do in a day.

It’s time I used Ordinary Adventures for what it was intended for: accountability! To make my life better, and easier, I’ve decided to bring in a few weekly installments to my blogging schedule to get things rolling. These installments will help me with my writing burnout and blocks, but it’ll also force me to have a schedule, deadlines, and ideas for posts. It will also help me get off my butt and prepare something for those days. I’m hoping with a few new series’ and a few good nudges, Ordinary Adventures and my life will be getting back on track.

Get to Know Me Mondays.
This past week I wrote two posts sharing facts just about me. I got such amazing responses and they were so fun to write! I decided to continue to update and connect with you all on a weekly basis. At least once a week, on Mondays, I will share facts, briefs, blurbs, and personal updates about my life. Not only will these posts be easy and fun to write, but sharing my personal life with you all is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now.

Workout Wednesdays.
This installment has been going off and on OA for a while now. As October rolls around, I plan on getting to the gym and becoming more active. I hope to share my progress and workouts every Wednesday with you all! I need the accountability so badly. But this won’t be just about how I hit the gym. Home workouts, step tracking, healthy alternatives, weigh ins, and updates will be a part of the plan.

My Daily Bread Saturdays.
Every Saturday I will share one recipe I made that week. It will usually be a main course, but side dishes, deserts, mixed drinks, and smaller dishes will be sprinkled throughout. This will help me get into the kitchen, and who doesn’t love a yummy recipe post?

Now this first week, especially wrapping up September, might be tricky. I’ll have to make it a priority to not only push myself to experiment for new content, but to sit down and write it, too. I’ll try my best and I’m really excited to share my journeys with you all!

— Brey

31 thoughts on “Blogging Update.

  1. Keep at it 🙂 I’m sure the inspiration and drive will return soon enough. And it’s so encouraging that you’re taking the necessary steps to get yourself out of a low point. I’m seeing the high points just around the corner.


  2. I always fear editorial calendars, because they feel like jail (to me) – just more expectation to throw on the heap… if it works for you though, time do to cartwheels, right ? 🙂

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  3. I feel you! Especially this time of year I feel like our bodies and minds go through a change that we almost don’t expect. We go from hot summery and active days to the instant need to hibernate ( in my case at least). You got this.

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  4. Brey I teach special Ed and can relate to your tiredness. When you get older it gets tougher. I’m glad your doing it in your twenties. Really through your decision to teach, it’s a noble profession but exhausting as well. You have a talent in writing, fashion and connecting…work that angle as well and don’t feel guilty about loving it!!

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  5. I love your schedule! =o)

    I think everyone can relate to life burnout as well! I’m currently watching my youngest son destroy the living room, again. He’s 2…it’s not worth the fight to make him stop. So, I get you!
    I’m excited to see your future posts!


  6. Good luck! I know how easy it can be to just get overwhelmed with everything happening in one’s life, but you got this! Looking forward to seeing all your new posts.


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