Bingeable // Scrubs.

Hey everyone!

Welcome back, kick off your shoes, find a seat and turn on our TV! This week I am going to be reviewing one of my all time favorite TV shows. Many of you may have already had the intense joy of watching a few episodes, but if you have not binged this series and seen it all the way through, you are missing out.

So, grab your remote or laptop or streaming device and start binging Scrubs.

Why I watched it.
I love doctor/medical/hospital shows: House, Grey’s Anatomy, Nip Tuck are just a few. Scrubs very possibly be my favorite, but something that helps is a silly little fact I heard a while ago. Out of all these drama hospital shows, Scrubs was reviewed as the most medically sound and correct of them all. Their episodes and shenanigans (minus the Janitor maybe) are actually all reasonably relatable and their trauma and drama are all realistic. Unlike Grey’s where the main character has been shot, drowned, confirmed dead, been in a plane crash… And lived. Not to mention the lengths the doctors get to go and the problems they face both in and out of the hospital. The creators made sure that even the medications and procedures were correct. For Scrubs, this is something I can appreciate and really bound with. It’s not a Bingeable worthy show because it’s just so outrageous and gripping, but because it is absolutely hilarious and I find myself connecting with everyone numerous times. All in all, I just loved this show. Even though I finished this saga well over a year ago, it still ranks in my top five (if not three) favorite shows of all time.

Why you should watch it.
Number one reason: Scrubs is a funny show. You will laugh through the entire series. And even by the time you get to the final season (which goes insanely down hill), you still make it through just to see where everyone ends up and how it goes. You connect with the characters and love watching their silly yet emotional lives play out. Also, another thing I can appreciate is that some of the patients actually die. This isn’t like (most) House episodes where J.D. solves everything and save every one. Some of the episodes get pretty gritty and sad. If you’re anything like me, you’ll fall in love with the comedy, connect with the emotion, and get sucked into the drama

Where to watch it.
I have recently found the new streaming site Solar Movie and was not disappointed. I wouldn’t recommend it versus Netflix, but if you don’t have an account there, check out Solar! But, as usual, Netflix carries all nine seasons in perfect quality.

How long it will take.
The answer is 67 hours. If you start now you can possibly finish this entire series by the time this long, holiday weekend ends. This challenge is only for the truly dedicated bingers though.

Even just writing this and thinking of Dr. Cox and the Janitor makes me chuckle. If there was one show I demand you all to watch here at Ordinary Adventures, it would be this one.

— Brey

19 thoughts on “Bingeable // Scrubs.

  1. Love this blog post series – I’m often looking for something new to binge on. I’ve been rewatching Greys Anatomy but 10 series’ was a bit ambitious so I’m taking a break. We’ve just finished 2 series’ of netflix Peaky Blinders; my current recommendation.


  2. I watched it because David Franco was in one of the seasons so I just had to watch but I have yet to complete any of the other seasons.


  3. I worked as an extra on Scrubs before I’d watched it. The folks on the set were so uncommonly kind–to extras and each other–that I watched the show because I wanted to see if that love carried through into the finished product. It did, so that Scrubs became the first show without supernatural elements I enjoyed watching. Even now, I love the show and occasionally turn on a few specific episodes (most notably, “My Old Lady”) when I’m feeling blue. Hearing “Hold on Hope” gives me goosebumps–as does thinking about it!–because of how it was used in the show.

    You capture it perfectly in your comparison with House. I ended up enjoying House, but Scrubs was unique in its ability to capture the best and worst of life, with great love, in 22-minute bursts.

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  4. I smiled profusely when I saw this pop up on my reader. I used to watch this show when it aired on TV and it’s my go to when things in my life don’t pan out. It never fails to make me laugh and, while I’m not in the medical field, the situations the characters find themselves in very nearly resemble whatever is happening.


  5. I was just watching it this morning, and admiring how in between all the great jokes it is honest about the health system and how doctors have to cope with emotional attachment and forcing themselves to become detached. So good!


  6. I just love Scrubs so much. I watched it (really I binge watched it…) during a rough time in my life and it just brought me so much laughter and fun and now I go back to it often when I need a little cheering up, a laugh, or just something to listen to in the background while I’m cleaning the kitchen!


  7. You are so right – Scrubs is one of the best shows of all time. I have my favorite episode – My Lucky Charm – downloaded on my phone so I have something to watch in case I’m bored somewhere and out of wifi range.

    And Doctor Cox and Jordan will forever be my favorite TV couple! 😆


  8. Each of the shows you mentioned has something about it I find appealing and I have to give credit to the writers and editors.
    On the surface, it’s sometimes hard to find the humor in medicine – we don’t laugh or joke much in surgical services, it would make the patients feel like we aren’t taking them seriously. And the comment from the other nurse, YES, we nurses do more of the hands on work, especially in the ER.
    All in all, I love that you favor Scrubs – the quirk factor is addictive!


  9. After just starting my second year of medical school, I guess it makes sense that it’ll be logical to try to fit this series into the gaps of free time I will try to find. Thanks for the recommendation!


  10. Let me tell you what! I LOVEEEEEEE this show! I used to watch it years ago with my sister and I recently purchased the 1st season from a second hand shop for about 8 bucks. BEST THING EVER! My husband and I have been watching an episode or two every night before bed and loving it! This is one of my top shows EVER! Dr. Cox is my favorite character, just because of how raw he is as a person! LOVEEEE IT!


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