What’s In My Shower.

When it comes to shower products, I have become an expert over the years. I have tried almost every shampoo out there, from the basic Mane and Tail to the specialized John Frieda’s Radiant Red. And don’t even get me started on normal and deep conditioners. In my desperation after bleaching my hair, every hair mask, detangler, and conditioner around has gone through my shower. Currently, I have some products I can swear by, and a few that I’m not so in love with.

Herbal Essence – Shampoo.
This is by far my favorite shampoo around. I used it for years on end when I was younger and after trying every shampoo under the sun, I’ve come back to it. It’s gets sudsy, frothy, easy to massage in, and wash with. It’s creamy, lasts long, and never left me wanting more. The smell is delectable too, with coconut and orchid. But to get real, this product leaves my hair noticeably smoother and healthier. It cleans and hydrates my hair, just as promised. A lot of products have a lot of , by this tired and true shampoo does it’s job and leaves me happy.

Not Your Mother’s – Shampoo.
This product, unfortunately is the exact opposite of the Herbal Essence Hello Hydration shampoo. I was very excited to finally get my hands on this shampoo and see what it was all about. I hoped and prayed that all it’s promises would come true and my hair would noticeably be healthier and longer. It doesn’t spread well on he hair, it’s expensive, and it didn’t seem to make my hair grow faster or longer. That’s something really tricky though, how can you actually tell if your hair is growing a tiny bit faster? While I just seemingly trashed this product, it’s not horrible. It did it’s basic job, it made my hair clean, but you can get much cheaper, better, regular shampoos to do that job. If you are as curious as I was to try this brand and this product, go for it and hopefully you’ll see some results! If not, skip it and find something more suitable for your needs.

Sauve – Body Wash.
Drew picks out our body wash, which usually means we get the cheapest, weirdest smelling bottle. While I am completely content with $2 bottle of body wash, I cannot get over this “rainforest fresh” scent. First of all, I know for a fact that the Amazon rainforest does not smell like that. Second, if by fresh they mean chemical burn clean, then yes, this scent is fresh. But this is just me being picky about the smell. When it comes to Sauve and their super cheap body wash, it contests with bottles that are 5x more expensive. It does it’s job, it usually smells good, and it’s a great price.

L’oreal – Deep Conditioner.
I’ve talked about this product before, and it is still the reigning champ of all conditioners. Unfortunately for me, and my brittle, bleached hair, I need to deep condition my hair every shower. If not, it is honestly a huge clump that I have to spend almost an hour detangling, crying throughout the process. It’s not pretty. But this conditioner is pretty and does it’s job better than any other deep conditioner around. It leaves my hair so silky, brushable, insanely untangled, and manageable. Even if you don’t have destroyed hair, but want either a great deep conditioner, or you never want to have to worry about untangling your hair ever again, buy this product!

— Brey

20 thoughts on “What’s In My Shower.

  1. Love this post! I just bought Not Your Mother’s Shampoo and Conditioner today. It’s fairl inexpensive to what I’ve been using for about the same amount. And it never fails when I find something that works really well on my hair they change the formula or discontinue it. And I agree about the rain forest smell-ew.


  2. I have been told that those cheaper shampoos have a lot of silicone in them that coats the hair, making it shiny and soft. Problem is the coating stops the conditioner and hydration of the hair follicles, which really causes long lasting dryness over time. I had so many problems with the cheaper shampoos after about 6 months of use. So I went back to the expensive salon products that don’t have the silicone, and at last, my hair is soft, conditioned and hydrated from the “inside” out, not just on the outside. I use the Matrix range of products. I’m in Australia and I’m no hair expert, but I’m terrified of the cheaper products now! Love you posts, by the way.

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  3. Holy crap – look at all these comments?! (this is where I stand in the way of my shower so you can’t see the typical “guy” collection of stuff – and “collection” is a bit of an exaggeration).


  4. In my bachelor days I’d be agreeing with Andy above. Now, my wife doesn’t let the soap scum settle. Some of these products remind me of her supply. Me- Apple-scented Suave shampoo and a good old bar of soap!


  5. I’ve been wondering if L’oreal had a good deep conditioner to use. I have used some of their deep conditioner in the past: you know, the little bottles that come with their hair dye, and been very impressed. It is good to know what to look for now. Thanks!

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