Just Stop // Take a second.

This was originally posted a few months ago, but I feel like the concept and thought works well with this week. Enjoy!

Tonight I stood outside in the humid May air. It was finally cooler out comparatively than when the sun engulfed the day, earlier. A slight breeze flitted across my face reminding me it wasn’t quite summer yet. And then…

I felt a drop tap me on my shoulder. Then my nose. And then a down pour enveloped me. The chilled torrent surprised me as it sent a shiver up my spine. I started to run back to my apartment when I stopped myself. Right in my own tracks, I looked up and let myself feel the rain.

I let myself think of tomorrow, of my blog, of my to do list.

And then, I let myself not think at all.

— Brey

13 thoughts on “Just Stop // Take a second.

  1. I love your post! I had a similar feeling this morning as I walked in my worn out shoes to let the chickens and ducks out to free roam for the day. It rained all night and was drizzling. As I was walking back from their house, feeling my feet enveloped in wetness, I first thought, “I really need to get new garden shoes…” But my next thought was, “No, you really should be barefoot.” After all, I was walking across the sticker free lawn in my backyard and, since my feet were wet anyway, why not also enjoy the feeling of mud squishing between my toes?

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  2. What a great sentiment!

    Life happens so fast that they can often feel like a blur! Sometimes circumstances force us to stop, usually against our will, and it is only then we realize what we’ve been missing. But when we will ourselves to stop as opposed to be forced to, it means we truly understand that life should not be taken for granted but cherished!

    May we all will ourselves to stop and enjoy life a little more. Have a great week!

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