51 Reasons Why I Love Fall.

Yesterday was the last day on my weather app that was above 80 degrees. This coming week, we’re looking at the 4th week of school, frosted over windshields in the morning, the last full week of September, and 70 degree highs. My heart is pounding just thinking about it.

I have officially pulled out my boots, jeans, hugely oversized sweaters all in anticipation. Fall is here! It is by far my favorite season and it boosts my spirits every time it rolls around. Who couldn’t love it? And in case you are one of the weird people who don’t, I have Β listed out 51 reasons why I do, and you should. And these are just the beginning.

1. Colder weather.
2. Oversized sweaters.
3. Tea.
4. Rainy season.
5. Extra blankets.
6. Camping season.
7. Flannels.
8. Crisp evenings.
9. Long nights.
10. Back to school schedule starts.
11. Fall colors.
12. Crunchy leaves.
13. Pumpkin everything.
14. Apple picking.
15. School starts back up.
16. Jack O’Lanterns.
17. Fall decorations.
18. Boot weather.
19. Shorter days.
20. Pumpkin carving.
21. Haunted Houses.
22. Thanksgiving.
23. Campfires.
24. Hot chocolate.
25. Windy days.
26. Pulling out your scarves.
27. Halloween.
28. Sleeping with the windows open.
29. Bundling up.
30. Foggy mornings.
31. Jeans.
32. Making smores.
33. Horse back riding.
34. Knitted hats.
35. The smell of wet leaves.
36. The crackle of fires.
37. Dressing up for Halloween.
38. County fairs.
39. Red leaves.
40. Turning the clocks back.
41. Picnics.
42. No more sweating.
43. Halloween movies.
44. Knee high socks.
45. Pies.
46. Hay rides.
47. Fire side dates at home.
48. Snuggle weather.
49. No more air conditioning bills.
50. Flushed cheeks and red noses.
51. Fall scented candles.

What is your favorite season?

— Brey

38 thoughts on “51 Reasons Why I Love Fall.

  1. Fall is absolutely my favorite season! And to your list I would add: 52. The smell of dry leaves and smoke on the cooler air, and 53. Green chili roasting, and 54. Lots and lots of hot air balloons!


  2. Fall is my favorite! Sadly, it’s still 80 plus degree weather here in southern California. I’m so ready for fall temps I can’t even stand it! Send a little of your cool weather my way! πŸ˜‰


  3. Totally agree! We don’t have much of a fall here in CA unfortunately and right now it’s about 95 degrees but I’m looking forward to some cooler days to be able to cuddle up on the couch with a blanket, some tea and a movie or a good book!


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