Q&A Session!

Alright everyone, it’s time for one of my favorite things. My second official question and answer session is about to start! It’s 10am over here on the east coast, so I’m hunkering down for hopefully seven long hours of comments, questions, conversations, and awesomeness.

Here are a few things to know:

  • During this time I will be more than happy to look, review, and critique your blog upon request. This offer ends at 5pm EST. Please be patient with these responses though!
  • Last Q&A I didn’t get any personal questions, which kind of bummed me out. I understand that those questions are far less valuable and interesting, but feel free to ask about my hubby, my new job, my plans, schedule, etc!
  • Don’t hesitate to come back more than once today! You can definitely ask more than one question, stop by and check out the other comments, or just reach out throughout the day. I’d love to have you around.

Just don’t be shy, pull up a seat, and leave a comment. Let’s begin!

— Brey

124 thoughts on “Q&A Session!

  1. I can’t believe I missed this 😓 i told myself to wake up (i work US morning shift so it shouldn’t have been a problem but living on the other side of the world I didn’t notice the time haha) anyway, I love this idea & great job Brey. Keep up the amazing job. 😘

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  2. Argg, I am not having a good day. I tried commenting on this this morning, and it didn’t show up. I tried shutting my phone down and commenting again, but it said, “duplicate comment detected! It looks like you said that already!” So I figured there was something wrong with my phone, and it just wasn’t showing up. Anyway, I’m not sure this will work, and I know your Q&A session is over, but I have to try again. Here’s my original comment:

    I have several questions, but I can’t remember hardly any of them right now, so I might be back if I remember them. I also thought it was odd last time that almost no one asked personal questions; I was going to ask several personal ones last time, but I forgot them. 😀 Anyway, here we go:

    1. How did Jax get his name?
    2. What is the story about when you decided to adopt him?
    3. How did you meet Drew?


    1. Hey Abbie! I’m sorry about your internet struggles, I understand your pain haha
      1. I’m going to be so honest right now. Drew loves League of Legends, so we named him after one of the characters in the game.
      2. I always wanted to have a pet dog and so after we got married and got our own apartment, I asked Drew every so often if we could get one. Finally one day in October he said yes, so I jumped online and found Jax. That same day I drove up to get him 🙂
      3. We met when I was 12 at school! I saw that… super nerdy, jewfro stylin, dorky looking kid sitting there doing homework, and it was love at first site. We became friends later that year, and then he finally asked me out when I was 14!


      1. Thanks for answering me, Brey! I don’t know what it was that I did, but it started working again, so I’m happy. 🙂

        I think Jax is a cool name, and we love naming things after characters, so no judgement here!

        I loved both of your 5 things about you posts, BTW! I love learning more about bloggers!


  3. Hi Brey! I have a feeling it could be too late but I’m Australian and completely unaware of the time over there but if it’s still on offer, I would love it if you could take a look at my blog! I’m looking for ways to increase traffic and gain active viewers! Thanks! X (Adore your blog!)

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  4. Hi Brey, I apologize if I am too late too. I am just too curious to get a fruitful feedback from you. I started writing some months back but I was not sure about myself, not sure about what to write, I was a mixed bag of emotions (for that matter, its true for anyone else), I am catching up on my skills, and I write about life, motivation and inspiration taking cues from own inspirations. I bake and I am a trainer as well. Please advice me on how to improve the appearance of my blog, on how to create more impact through the content. I believe you and your family are doing great. Thanks in advance. Have a blessed life!


  5. Hi dear, I have nominated you for the sunshine award 🙂 This was actually a few days ago but with sickness and work I forgot to write everyone I had nominated :/ Have fun with it and read more on my blog 🙂 Happy Sunday! :*

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  6. I know I’m late, but if you have time — do you know how I can get more visibility to my blog? I’m VERY new to the blog life, so if you could direct me to a good “starter pack” post or something, I’d love to get some advice.


  7. Hey Brey. I’ve been a committed reader for a few months now and I first would like to say thanks for being you, without t there would be no ordinary adventures for me to wake up to and help ease myself into my day.

    I have a personal question, are there children in your future? I’m a mother myself. If love to read about plans or anything related to your relationship whether it be what you do together on down time or hobbies you have together !

    Last, I’d love a critique.. Or for you to even look at my blog! Any words of advice or inspiration is what I need.

    Thanks for this Q&A I hope you get around to my comment ! Cheers!!


  8. Hey Brey, I know am late to participate in the Q&A session. But I would just like to ask for a critique like what should i add or subtract😁 since you’ve been around the block for a while now.
    P.S: your amazing and your blog is very inspiring.


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