Blog Stalking // New Darlings.

Each blog I have stalked and shared with you all have helped me shape and  Ordinary Adventures. And each one helped me imagine a new aspect and focus on the changes I want to begin for it. Each are inspiring for different reasons. Today’s blog fills that category thoroughly. Let me introduce another breathtaking blog, New Darlings.

New Darlings is a husband and wife duo who share their adventures and day to day life through stunning photography. Robert and Christina got married and moved cross country two years ago and started their breakthrough blog. Now residing in boiling Arizona, their photos capture tender dates, lovely outfits, stunning deserts, and beautiful moments.

I first found them and stalked them on Instagram almost six months ago, which is also where I mainly follow these two. It’s easier and quicker for me to check and I never miss an update. But I can’t just view their pictures on Instagram, no one can. You can’t get the full effect of the beauty, skill, and sweetness of the full screen and picture.

One of the main things I am having to focus on for Ordinary Adventures, is pictures. And New Darlings is a huge inspiration. If it’s even just a photo of their decor, or a date, or knick knacks, or even landscapes, New Darlings captures it in the most glamorous, perfect way. They show a life that is creative and romantic, as well as inspiring and passionate. They can make the simplest days and scenes, into cozy snippets of their life. That takes true skill and innovation. It is my hope to lead a life that can be captured the same way as well as retain the photography skills to prove it.

Beyond their sleek site, draw dropping photos, and adorable love, Christina consistently makes me green with envy. Her style, beauty, accessories, hair; this is what first drew me into on Instagram and keeps me running back for more. Almost everyday she posts her outfit and it is always so dainty, fashionable, and fee. I am drooling with jealousy just thinking about it. From her perfect, smooth bangs, to the tips of her delightful shoes, she is a style icon.

Find these two on Instagram and do some stalking. Follow their link and delve into their picture perfect world.

— Brey

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