5 Ways to Make Your House Feel Like Home-Sweet-Home.

I’ve lived in a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment for the past year and a half. Over a year of that has been with Drew. As much as I love our little home, sometimes it feels a slightly cramped and way too much like a rental. Since I’ve moved in, I have taken strides to make our small apartment as homey as I can. And over the past months, I’ve discovered a few things that help make it feel like home sweet home.

1. Make the bed. Growing up, this was one of my least favorite chores. Every morning I had to make my bed, line up the pillows, and smooth out the quilt. When I moved out I stopped doing the silly tradition, but it didn’t take long for me to feel disorganized and messy. Doing something as simple as making the bed every morning makes your bedroom feel tidy, homey, and ready to start the day. No matter how clean you keep your house and room, an unmade bed makes it look unkept and dirty.

2. Put your face all over the walls. It wasn’t until recently that I started hanging up pictures of Drew and I. When it came to little knick knacks like that, I didn’t see the point. I then found out how easy it was to get prints of photos online and the rest is history. Having a picture of our engagement on my bedside table and a collage of our wedding in the hallway, gives a sense of homeyness and intimacy to our house. I love passing by happy memories everyday.

3. Paint a wall. Due to our fluctuating rental timeline, this is one step that I haven’t done for my home, but always regret not getting around to. If I had known last February that I was still going to be in this apartment, I would have painted at least one wall the day I moved in. A burst of color, or even just a change from white walls gives a home such a nice feeling. It takes effort and style to do so, and it pays off in the long run.

4. Light candles. I personally love candles. I have quite a few all over the house, all different scents. After a long day, or when company is over, or even just when I’m cleaning up, I love lighting one and having it fill the house with yummy smells. The glow, the smell, the ambiance, nothing can make your house feel homier than a scented candle.

5. Have your own work space. When Drew officially moved in after the wedding, one of the first things we did was buy him a desk. It’s now his command center and spends most of his free time there. I never had a desk in my room when I was younger and usually I’d end up plopping down on the bed or a couch, I didn’t see the point of anything else. When I started blogging and planning, I realized that maybe I was missing out. Last month I bought myself a desk, my own little work space, and it has made all the difference. It’s a place for me to keep my trinkets, and papers, and my computer. It’s a place for me to be organized and comfortable. It’s a place that is just mine and I can get work done! Especially in such a small apartment, I relish having my own little corner, chair, and space.

— Brey

39 thoughts on “5 Ways to Make Your House Feel Like Home-Sweet-Home.

  1. All of these are so true! I’m still working on the pictures and such, but making the bed is a daily thing for me and always makes me smile. We’ve painted some of the rooms now and are painting out master bedroom and closet in a few weeks!


  2. Fantastic. I know exactly how you feel. A house can be great, huge, tidy, clean…..however, without those personal touches, it’s just that, a house and not a home. I was laughing when you mentioned putting faces over the wall as I had a mental picture of you standing with your face pressed up against it….until I realised what you meant.

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  3. Candles are one of my absolute musts when it comes to my living space. Like you said – there’s just something really nice about having the smell fill up your apartment.

    Sadly I’ve never painted any walls in any of my apartments, but in my current one I used wall decals to frame our TV in the living room and they’ve made a world of difference in cozy-ing up the space C=


  4. I agree a workplace is definitely a must. We turned one of our storage room into a functional workspace where both of us takes turn to share. It’s works! Makes me a more productive person.


  5. I think you give some great starter tips here. I am guilty of not making my bed, I rush too much in the mornings. However, I try to make my bed on the weekends and it does give my room a certain “homey” feeling. I’ve also started hanging my paintings since I can’t paint my walls. I think investing in decorative pieces, frames and things that give your home a personal touch all go a long way.


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