Brey + Grace Photo Adventure.

Let’s talk about friendship for a second. This subject has been on my mind recently, and with these gorgeous photos to go along, today is the perfect day to touch on it.

I gotta be honest, I don’t have a ton of friends. Through the years my social circle has grown and wained, but overall, friends are hard to come by. It’s tough keeping close to people after school while everyone starts going their separate ways and I don’t see them every week. It’s extremely intimidating for me to start new friendships when I’m clearly the youngest person at my job. And in general, it’s not easy putting yourself out there in any situation and try to get to know new people. At least, these are problems struggle with, not everyone faces the same scenarios and feelings.
When it all boils down though, I have a bunch of acquaintances, I know tons of people, but when I need someone to talk to or lean on, there’s only a handful of amazing people I can turn to.

My closest, longest lasting friendship is with my cousin, Grace. If you’ve been an avid reader of Ordinary Adventures, then you’ve probably seen some of her guest posts sprinkled around every month or so. And every semester when she moves a couple hours away to go to school, I try to see her that often as well. Sometimes when we get so busy, a whole semester can slip by without a visit though. But it doesn’t matter how often we reconnect in person, when I have a friendship like the one I have with Grace, I try to remember not to take it for granted or let it slip by. Because really, true friends are few and far between.

As you can tell, I’m in a sentimental, slightly lonely, mood today, haha.

A few months ago, Grace’s sweet roommate reached out, wanting both of us to do a photoshoot for her portfolio. How could I decline? We spent the day soaking up the July heat, jumping train tracks, playing in creeks, exploring our home towns, and just being all around goofs. It was a day I know I’ll remember for a long time, and either way, we have these fun photos to help. The final edits were just posted yesterday and I cannot help but giggle and smile through the collection and share them with you all.

Aren’t we adorable? Man, I miss that girl.

— Brey

35 thoughts on “Brey + Grace Photo Adventure.

  1. I couldn’t do anything but smile looking at these pictures and reading this entry. I too, have a handful of very close friends, so I know well of what you speak. When you find the perfect bond, it’s best to latch onto it. Thank goodness your cousin is there and the two of you emit total happiness around each other. It’s noticeable and contagious. Thank you for sharing!


  2. Your photos are GORGEOUS! And believe me, you’re going to be so glad you have them! I’m in the extremely fortunate position to have made friends from all over the world, but in the unfortunate position that my closest, dearest friends, are scattered all over. I don’t get to see them often, but the time I do get to spend, it’s like nothing has changed. Those friendships are worth hanging on to! ❤

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