Happy Birthday, Jax!

Yesterday was our puppy, Jax’s first birthday! He got to celebrate with tons of belly rubs, extra treats and lots of kisses.

We didn’t adopt Jax until he about two months old, but it’s still so hard to believe that he’s already been apart of our little family for almost a whole year. It’s even harder to believe he used to be so small and so afraid of everything. Such a little goober. Now he’s a barrel of energy, totally courageous, and a beautiful boy. Having Jax, as a first time dog owner, in a one bedroom apartment, on the fourth floor, hasn’t been easy, to say the least. But at the end of the day, with a few little puppy kisses and nuzzles, I know it is worth it.

I cannot wait until we move (hopefully soon) and he finally has his own yard to roam and run around in. He deserves all the treats, all the love, and all the open space to frolic.

He’s growing up so fast. Even with his compact, fifty pounds of a body, I still see him as my baby. My little pupzilla is officially one!

— Brey

64 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Jax!

  1. Gorgeous pup!I have father and son Weimaraners that need loads of excercise and attention. Dexter is named after the serial killer and Grayson is from Revenge. I have to explain that they are American tv shows! Jax looks like he is a well loved dog too!


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