The Best iPhone Cases.

My phone is my baby. I do just about everything to protect it and keep it safe. Since I got my first iPhone four or so years ago, I have always had a case for my phone. I’ve also had screen protecters and always tried my best to keep my phones in perfect condition. My efforts have not been in vain and I have never cracked my screen or broken any of my phones before!

I inwardly cringe every time I see an expensive smart phone without a case. I hold my breath waiting for someone to drop it and watch it shatter. I couldn’t imagine not having my phone in a case! Especially now that I use wallet cases, I always have one on, and my phone on me.

This post shows four very different, very fun, very pretty styles of cases. Thin, useful, pretty, this wide arrange of cases are in my opinion the best of the best.

Geometric – Etsy.
I got this beautiful case last summer from an Etsy shop. I was looking for a bright, unique, and fun case I could switch to and spice up my phone. If you aren’t interested in wallet cases, I would definitely recommend this case. It’s light and I’ve never seen anyone else with a case like it, so it feels like a one of a kind! I would also recommend browsing etsy for fun cases any day. You get such amazing styles and interesting designs that you can’t find at a department store or phone stores.

Book – Apple and Amazon.
I had this case on my phone for almost two years straight. I’ve never had the same case for so long. I loved having the book book case through college and keeping it on my desk. Professors always thought it was an actual book! But as far as cases go, this should be the go-to wallet case for everyone. Four pockets, great protection, amazing design, long lasting durability. This case was perfect when I needed my student ID, cash, my license, and a credit card, all in one place. It could still fit in my pocket, but it held everything I needed as a student. I switched out this case only after I graduated and now I don’t need as much stuff with me, so I had the chance to switch things up. And after two years I was ready for something new. Even now though, I’m considering switching back to this case!

If I had to recommend one case to anyone, ever, it would be this case.

Bumper – Target and Amazon.
For about a month, right after I switched out of the bulkier book book case, I tried something new. I found this bumper case for about $5 at Target and loved how light and seamless this case was. Because I always had a case on my phone, I never got to admire how light and thin my iPhone 5s really was! Some how, this case also is extremely durable. I drop my phone about once every four months or so. It’s a rare occasion to say the least. But for the month I had this case, I dropped it about three times. Each time my phone stayed in perfect condition and was completely protected by this slim design. It is worth the $5 for sure.

Skinu Wallet – Amazon.
This is my latest case and I’m so happy with it. After my short bout with the slim bumper, I was desperately missing having a wallet case. I still wanted something new but I didn’t want to break the bank with another $50 Apple case. I found this Skinu case for $15 online and have been so happy with my purchase. It has protected my phone during a fall, it’s still slim and light, and it holds two wallet slots for my ID and debit card. What else does a girl need?

So, what’s protecting your phone?

— Brey

18 thoughts on “The Best iPhone Cases.

  1. I just got a new iPhone 6 after I dropped my 5s in its case and the shock damaged the internal parts of the phone. Lesson learned and I bought a very expensive life proof case! Water proof, shock proof, etc.


  2. I had always had a cover for my smart phone. But I have always known my husband using without one. His argument it gets bulky to slide it in his pant pockets. so far he has been careful not to drop it….I am watching though šŸ™‚


  3. That book case looks like a dream! I currently have a case actually made by Apple on my 5s, it’s made of genuine black leather, and it was nice, until it started peeling up on the edges! It was one of those thin cases though, and yes I love how thin my little 5s is! Haha.


    1. I have. Luckily it’s fallen on the cover or the back, never open. I’ve heard that with the iPhone 4, the screen could crack in this case if it hits the right angle. But I’ve had no problems with it in the 2 years I’ve used it, and dropped it šŸ™‚

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  4. Does the bumper case have a clear backing on it or does it just cover around the edges of your phone?
    I’ve been looking for a cheap bumper case with a clear backing forever but I’ve had no luck.


  5. Cool cases. I love phone cases and I’m always buying and exchanging because I get tired of the same case. Plus I just love to see my phone without the case sometimes just to admire its beauty……I’m a Samsung girl woo hoo lol lol


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