September Goals.

I know this will all sound very familiar, considering I had a whole series and lots of details on each of theses subjects recently. But now I’m adding it all together, and dividing it into what I want to accomplish this month. It’s a lot. But I’m ready.

Cooking Goal – Create Pinterest cook book.
I was planning on having my goal be to make eight recipes this month. But I realized I need to get organized and have all my recipes ready before I create too big of a cooking goal. Don’t worry though, I still plan on being in the kitchen a little bit this month, but I’ll start small. I think having this cook book finished, printed, pretty, and be at my disposal will help make my real cooking goals achievable.

Beauty Goal – Practice french braid crown.
No matter what happens it seems like my hair’s #1 mission is to constantly be in my face. I think I’ve been growing out my bangs for five years at this point. Or at least that what it feels like. I need cuter styles than headbands or sunglasses everyday. So, I am aiming to be able to french braid my bangs and maybe even turn it into a half braided crown by the end of the month. I’m going to practice, I’m going to try, and hopefully by October I will have mastered it.

Fitness Goal – Stop drinking soda/energy drinks.
Last week I stopped drinking Red Bull. Even though I had had only one a day since May or so, I had a horrible caffeine crash when I finally stopped. I honestly feel so much better in general and am saving about $2 a day. Sounds like a good deal to me.
I’m ready to kick soda and energy drinks out of my life!
Luckily for me, I also have my wonderful cousin Grace keeping me accountable. As she talked about in her guest post yesterday, we’re going to be helping each other out. But not just with bubbly, expensive, fattening, soft drinks, but when it comes to being healthy and living well in general, we’ll have each other’s backs. We’re hoping to break one bad habit at a time this year.

House Goal – Tidy house every day.
Make the bed, clean up plates right after eating, fold clothes every night, throw away all trash when used up. Sounds easy right? For some reason I’m still really struggling to keep things tidy around the house. I am considering making a checklist I have to look at every night, and check that I’ve done each of those things. I need some accountability, some way to change my habits. I’ll try out a few tricks, but whatever happens, I am determined to break this habit this month.

Fashion Goal – Spiffy outfit for each work day.
I’m still getting the hang of what I can and should wear to work. Nothing has been explicitly clear on what the school allows us to wear. I’m still unsure of jeans, tank tops, heels, most accessories, and pretty much anything other than ballet flats, my school polo, and khakis. I still plan to find out what is professional, but what I also feel confident in. But so far, so good?

Life Goal – Keeping to my budget.
This wasn’t in the Lifestyle list of goals I made last week, but it definitely should have been. This weekend Drew and I sat down and made a spread sheet estimating what we are spending and what we should be spending. Luckily for us, other than one or two extra sprees at Forever 21 and a few too many dinners out, we’re in great shape! Now with two steady incomes we can hopefully start saving some serious cash. Drew and I decided this whole month to each only use our credit cards for any purchases. By the end of the month we can come together and really see exactly what we’re spending our money on and make adjustments. I hope with a clear path now set and a looming credit bill, we’ll both stick to our new budget!

I really want all this to work. But I’m feeling so underwhelmed and in a rut. I hope as time goes on and things pick up, I will have a glowing review by October!

What are your goals this month?

— Brey

40 thoughts on “September Goals.

  1. Good luck Brey! Your goals are perfect in that they are realistic. You don’t have thirty to juggle, they’re simple in and of themselves, and you’ve given yourself plenty of time to achieve them, so I think you’ll do great! My goal is yard cleanup. Raking, mowing, gutters, removing a broken down handicap ramp, spraying weed killer and fertilizer, etc.

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  2. Great goals! They are very similar to my current goals. An empty kitchen sink at the end of the day and laundry put away are my biggest struggles, but it feels good every time I accomplish them. Good luck! Can’t wait to read your progress.


  3. As much as i would love to wear kitty heels. my size 10 feet wont let me 😦 Its trainers for me and ballet pumps in the rain! Id love to be so organised. I set out well and always fizzle out. But so far I have managed to sort out my life and career path so Il stay on this one. Good luck my friend I am sure it will all work out for you 😀


  4. These are all great goals. I hope you meet them all! 🙂

    Also check out Their program and philosophy for saving and spending is very interesting. It helps my husband and I see where we are spending and plan for future expenses as well.


  5. I stopped drinking sodas while I was in college and it was honestly one of the best decisions. Those are some great goals to have and you’ve actually inspired me to set goals for myself this month! 🙂


  6. Inspiring! After reading this I feel like a friend just found me curbside and weary and said, “Come on! You’ve got this. And we’re all in it together:)”
    I am 2 days into my four day drive to Texas where I will stay with daughter, son-in-law, and grandson for about 2 months. During this time my goals include leaving behind the junk food that has creeped into my life, find a job and a place to live. The soda thing is also a must do!! And fitness! …nothing much really 😛

    Best wishes at work! The start of a new school year is always so energizing. Perfect time for new beginnings!

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  7. I’ve been doing something similar to your Pinterest cookbook idea, I have a cooking journal that houses some Pinterest recipes along with other things. It definitely is helpful having things printed out.
    Also, on the braiding, It does just take practice. I’m sure you’ll be there after a month.
    I think I might take your no soda idea and do a sugar free September. I love a good challenge!

    Good luck with all!!

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  8. Thanks for setting goals and letting us watch! I’ve found this practice to be such an important part of returning to self and maintaining self awareness. I appreciate your example. 🙂


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