Four Fall Polishes You Need.

Today I am going to talk about two of my favorite things: nail polish and autumn! Summer is all about neons, lace, and sunshine. But as the days grow shorter, the leaves start changing, the air goes crisper, and fall fashion finally rolls around. Deep reds, light pinks, dark wash jeans, and oversized sweaters fill the stores. It’s magical. And as I start grabbing new pieces for my wardrobe, I can’t forget about my nails! This season I’m all about the earthy, warm tones and that definitely will translate into what my nails are sporting.

Dusty Rose – Sally Hansen
I’ve been reaching back to my girly roots lately and I instantly fell in love with this bottle in the store. This picture makes it look a little more pinky than it is. It almost has a nude, dusty tone to it, which gives it a unique look. But it is still so feminine and dainty. With the slightest hint of sparkle mixed in, this polish is definitely worthy of being added to your collection.

Copper – Nicole OPI
Up until this year, I would have never tried a brown nail polish. But in my summer nail polish review I’ve loved the neutral, classy look of the color. This copper shade from OPI is the perfect twist for anyone who is ready to revamp their brown polish. I also adore this bottle because it has the sand polish texture which works best for my fragile nails. This brand is probably the most expensive in this post, but still is a steal for under $8.

Wine – Spoiled
When it comes to fall colors, nothing makes me more happy than a rich, dark wine color. At the end of summer I always get excited to see this color return to stores and I begin to stock up on sweaters, booties, and everything else in this gorgeous shade. So of course I’m going to get some nail polishes in this color too! It’s the perfect twist to the classic red, but is still hip and somehow elegant. Spoiled brand is an off shoot of Wet and Wild, so it’s great quality at a great price. This bottle is a must have this fall.

Rose Gold – Color Show
I am loving this color right now. It’s similar to the copper, but is slightly more muted and sophisticated. That hint of fall colors mixed with a dusty, dirty gold makes this polish perfect for any occasion. Recently the Color Show brand has gotten smaller bottles and slightly higher prices, but this shade was definitely worth it’s less than $4 price tag!

What is your favorite fall color?

— Brey

14 thoughts on “Four Fall Polishes You Need.

  1. Haven’t had much experience with a season like fall/ autumn, but if I had, copper would be the color that would do it for my nails. 🙂


  2. I love those color choices! I definitely tend to stick to the pink color palette but I think I should definitely try a brown color tone this year! 🙂


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