What I’m Listening to This Week // New Commute Playlist.

As you might have noticed in almost every single post around here for the past few weeks, but I recently started my new job. Yesterday I finished my first week on site and for so many reasons out of my control, it’s been crazy! It been a fun, running around, getting stuff done crazy though and I’m extremely happy with where I’m at on all levels. It’s still a little nerve racking coming in every morning, but nothing a good lip syncing session with a resonating song can’t fix.

For the past few months I have been listening to my summer playlist whenever I’m in my car. But when Wednesday rolled around and I was faced with a new 25 minute commute, I decided to revamp my stereo. A lot of this playlist has overlap with my summer one, but here are a few new songs that I’m rocking out to and loving.

Dirty Paws – Of Monsters and Men
What You Wanted – OneRepublic
Sweet As Whole – Sara Bareilles
Change of Seasons – Sweet Thing
This Is Your Life – The Killers
Swingin Party – Kindness
Love Today – MIKA
Never Enough – JJAMZ
Change of Time – Josh Ritter
Gold – Imagine Dragons

There is seriously nothing more empowering and gets me ready for my day than an awesome mix.

— Brey

10 thoughts on “What I’m Listening to This Week // New Commute Playlist.

  1. That’s cool you are planning ahead. I let the music decide for me. When i jump in the car I flip until something catches my attention then I will decide what type music I am in the mood for the moment. My kids tell me that no one in the world has a crazy playlist like me. I go from one extreme to the other apparently 🙂


  2. heyhey, new songs I didn’t know (or appreciate) yet! Woohoo!
    Three local tips from across the pond:
    Dotan – let the river in
    Kovacs – my love
    Douwe Bob – Sugar


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