Bingeable // Gossip Girl.

Before I throw myself into ranting about one of the best TV shows on the planet, I need to talk about my Bingeable series for a moment. Right now, I share with you all personal favorites, or just fun, or overall binge worthy shows every Friday. I love watching and binging shows, and I love sharing recommendations about them! But with a lot of thought and consideration of my new goals and challenges of this season, I have decided to end my weekly Bingeable series.

It won’t be gone for good though, it just won’t be scheduled religiously once a week. It could still end up popping up on my blog every few days, or I might only end up being posted once a month or less. So don’t be worried if this is your all time favorite series, it’s not technically going too far away! It all depends on what else I want to talk about, and what shows I feel like sharing and when.

My reasoning behind this decision was intertwined with my goal of watching less TV as well. Watching less and doing more. While I have dozens of already watched shows under my belt and in my memory, I personally want to lean away from TV on all accounts. It’s so consuming, and so easy to get sucked in, I don’t want to have any reason to re-watch or tempted to start a whole new season for a post.

With all that being said, I am currently re-watching Gossip Girl, and I’m very excited to jump into the review for this ridiculous show!

When Gossip Girl was on the air, I wasn’t allowed it watch it. So in the past, I saw lots of bits and pieces but never every episode, and never all the way through. I guess at twelve, my parents didn’t want me watching a show about sex, drama, drinking, and well.. gossip. Being the defiant gal I was, I remember buying episodes from iTunes gift cards and downloading them to my iPod touch. I’d sneak a few episodes every so often, and overall, I have ended up seeing huge chunks of the series that way. As I got older I picked it back up on live broadcasting towards the end of the show. I remember so clearly the night of the series finale and just being so flabbergasted and frustrated. Did I really miss that many episodes or was every one else just as confused as as I was?

As I re-watch it now on Netflix, I realize I didn’t end up missing that much at all, it just really was concluded in that ridiculous of an explanation for everything. As I’m getting to the last season this week, I’m kind of excited to see the final few episodes now that I’ve seen the whole series in such a short burst and the whole story is super fresh in my mind. I hope maybe it won’t be as confusing, but I’m not too reassured.

I love this show though.

Why I watched it.
I love this show for so many reasons. I will admit though, especially while re-watching it now, it is quite preposterous sometimes. Not even from the unbelievable wealth stand point, more the scheming and gossip stand point. After six seasons of a new scandal every episode, you almost have to laugh and go with it. It is my perfect definition of a bingeable, have in the background, looping episodes, show.

But as I said, there are lots of redeeming qualities in this show. I love it because of the characters, the justice, and style. I have been so inspired by their outfits and how they display their looks and feel about themselves. After each episode, I can’t help but sigh and be motivated to carry myself and present myself better. The hair, the makeup, the dresses, the shoes, the beauty, it’s all so elegant! And I love how in every episode, there is clearly a bad guy (even if it’s one of main characters) and they got brought to justice every time. No one can get away with anything and it’s so satisfying to watch.

I also love this show because of the unexpected realness. No, I cannot relate to dropping a grand pair of shoes or having too many galas to attend one week. But I can relate to struggling to make friends. Or to make your parents proud. Or to have to fix a mistake or ask for forgiveness. Or to be jealous of a friend or foe. To feel shame in your family or yourself. To feel lost in the real world and try your hardest to break out on your own and be successful. To be betrayed, and have to move on. To have a soulmate and work in a relationship. To be unsure of the future. To need someone, love someone, change for someone.

Why you should watch it.
You should watch it, if you love drama, romance, comedy, fashion, intrigue, scandal, and all those things meshed together. You should also watch it because when you start the show, all the characters are so young and so different. Even by the end of the second season, you can barely recognize them, look wise and growth personally wise. They all grow up in so many ways and because of that, the show seems even more real. Their character growth and challenges they face helps you not only connect to them, but connect to their issues. As I listed dramatically above, you really can understand a lot of what they go through.

Overall this show is just a wonderful show. It’ll always keep you on your toes, you’ll always be ready to see what happens next, and you’ll always want to see the next perfect outfit. It’s fun, it’s cool, it’s sassy, and it’s absorbing. It’s worth the watch and worth the time.

Where to watch it.
Netflixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, as well as Google Play and Amazon Prime.

How long it will take.
In their six season run, Gossip Girl fills up 122 episodes. That’s 90 hours of gossip, the drool worthy Chuck, unethical behavior, cat fights, mind games, and parties. Sounds like a good 90 hours to me!

— Brey

32 thoughts on “Bingeable // Gossip Girl.

  1. Trying hard not to read an other comments in case any give away the ending!! I have unashamedly watched the entire series during my six week break and I’m steadily approaching the end and I’m devastated it’s going to be over haha so addictive! Initially, I just watched it because I love the styling so much but now I’m very much addicted and although my husband pretends to work on his laptop whilst I’m watching, I just know he’s as interested to find out what happens as I am! Although I do wish he wouldn’t keep sneaking up on me saying “I’m chuck bass” in a creepy whisper voice haha there’s only one can get away with that!


  2. I think I probably need to start spending less time in front of the tv too! Recently I started watching House MD on netflix and it has been a struggle to tear myself away from the temptation of ‘just one more episode’ at 3am. Oops!


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