My One Stop & Shop for Sunnies.

While my summer days are over, I realize that for some of you, summer is still raging. I know it is for the most part weather wise here in Virginia. I figured before the Labor Day vacations and all our calendars officially flip to fall, I’d talk about one of my favorite accessories: sunglasses!

Honestly though, I wear my sunglasses everyday. If it’s 110 degrees out, or -10 degrees, if the sun’s anywhere to be seen in the sky, I’ll have some on. I’ve gone through a wide range designs and was able to find which is best for my face shape and my style and which is the most comfortable for me. I have also gone through a ton of brands and companies to figure out what stores have the best deals and looks. Luckily for me, I have found the perfect fit on all accounts!

For the past two years, I have been buying my sunglasses online at Zooshoo. Here’s why:

1. I have bought a few other pairs after I found Zooshoo and they have all broken or fallen apart. My three Zooshoo pairs are still in perfect condition and have worked well for me all this time. They are such sturdy and durable glasses! And if I’m wearing them and relying on them everyday, that’s an important quality to me.

2. They come in the cutest designs. I love the three pairs I have and each design is a little different. But I don’t have an outfit that won’t look good with at least one of them. And that’s just my three styles. There’s pages of options on the site.

3. I feel like this was worth it’s own bullet point because it is just the icing on the cake. Two of my three pairs have golden rims lining their lenses. It makes those pairs that much more stylish, unique, and pretty. I always get compliments when I wear those pairs! A lot of their options come with that design, and I love it.

4. They’re all about $10. Really, just 10 bucks. And Zooshoo offers free shipping on all orders! There’s not a lot of other items I feel like buying on their site most of the time, but whenever I wanted to get a new pair of sunnies, my $10 order is shipped right to my door.

I honestly thought Zooshoo might be a scam site when I first started buying from them years back. But I’ve never had any issues with my purchases, time length on orders, or anything. And this is not a advertisement post, I just truly love their sunglasses! 🙂

Do you see those gold rims I was talking about? Such a simple, gorgeous touch! I personally love the wayfarer style and I couldn’t be happier with all my sunnies.

Do you have a favorite pair of sunglasses?

— Brey

20 thoughts on “My One Stop & Shop for Sunnies.

  1. I love sunglasses also! I have a pair that have a tint of yellow-orange. I call them my “Happy Glasses” because it makes everything brighter looking, no matter the weather!

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  2. I had no idea you lived in Virginia! What part? I just recently moved here 🙂
    Also, the second pair of sunglasses is my favorite…so stylish and cute. I’m gonna have to check out that site, as I have always had a hard time finding a good pair of sunglasses.


  3. Nice site suggestion, thank you! I have a pair of Tommy Hilfiger aviator-ish that I really like but they aren’t super dark and I do wonder how much protection they really offer. I may be in need of a new option.


  4. I’ve been buying all my sunglasses through Zenni Optical so I can have prescrption ones cheap. I have four pair: 3 are black wayfarers with 80% pink, blue, or purple lenses. One pair is blue tortie cateye with 80% grey lenses.

    The pink lenses are great when I have a migraine and for driving in the rain 🙂

    (I have probably said this before, but I didn’t know you were in VA! –I’ve started to lose track of who I have discovered lives here recently 🙂 )


  5. I love how you are using those wrapping papers as backgrounds. If I hadn’t seen that post I wouldn’t know what it was and be oh-so-jealous! Thanks for the tip!

    Loved the 1st sunglasses a lot and summer will be here in a month’s time…I am also ready for a pair of sunglasses! This post was so well timed!


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