Turning My Life Into a Pinterest Board // Lifestyle.

In my original overview post on all my upcoming, challenges and hopeful changes last week, I had “Blogging” as my sixth and final topic. During the weekend, while I was prepping for this week’s posts, I didn’t feel excited about what I had to say. For me, blogging is it’s own entity and almost a part time job at this point! Just like I wouldn’t put my new job’s goals as a topic in this series as well. I still put blogging on the same importance scale, but I felt like if I wanted goals for blogging, it should be talked about later, in a different context, and with more purpose and tips.

What did feel right in it’s place was “Lifestyle” goals. It could be synonymous with “living life” or “happiness” goals. I want to take this post and time to focus on the miscellaneous goals of my day-to-day life that will make me just feel… better.

Make time for my hobbies.
This ties into all the things I talked about this week already. Cooking, cleaning, working out, painting my nails, DIYs, all those things I want to make time for. As well as blogging, reading, playing the piano, video games, photography, etc. Work, TV, exhaustion, and laziness have kept me from pursuing all the little, and sometimes big things I want to enjoy or get better at or learn. For example, out of my summer reading list, I only finished one book. Yep, one. To be fair, I started every single on of them and even got almost half through most. But between all my TV shows and work this summer, I didn’t make the time for it and now I’m sad that I didn’t. I’m tired of doing things that are easy that I “kind of like” instead of doing things that maybe require more effort but I want to truly start and excel in. This season I’m going to push myself and do things I truly love and be proud.

Staying in touch with friends.
I have to say, I’m pretty good at this during the summer. When everyone’s back in town, and they have more relaxed schedules, and time to spare, I am usually able to meet up with friend’s as far back as middle school. Once September rolls around though, it’s radio silence between me and a lot of people until winter thaws and finals are done. I want that to change this year. If it’s driving further to meet, sending Happy Mail, or even just a few text messages here and there, I want to stay in touch.

Turn off the TV.
I find myself watching hours, upon hours, upon HOURS of TV a day. Sure, it’s on in the background as I clean, or browse the internet, or things like that. But I find myself sucked into the easiness of being entertained by a screen. Reading, more blogging, more time with Drew, more time to exercise, clean, get out and about, train Jax, learn to braid my infuriating hair, cook, and sleep. These are things I want to do, but.. that show looks interesting.. and I’m comfortable on the bed.. Oh why not?
I’m not saying turn off the TV forever. I can still watch it as I run, or clean and even cook. I love relaxing and watching something with Drew after a long day. But if it stands in the way of things I want to do… That’s when I realize I might have a problem.

Go on more adventures.
Hiking all over the Shenandoah trails during the fall, exploring the museums of DC, learning to ride Drew’s motorcycle, go on picnics, travel down to visit my cousins at their schools: I want to do all these things and more! If I don’t even make time for my hobbies and goals, you better believe how far on the back burner day trips and adventures are. But these are things that create stories and are thrilling! This season I want to get out there and explore, make some memories.

I want to do better, feel better, be better. I don’t want to look back on this year and remember TV shows and lazy days on the couch. I want to remember the camping trips, or that delicious meal I made, those perfect date nights, or late drives down to visit friends. I’m finally growing up in so many aspects, and yet, when it comes to my free time and hobbies, I haven’t gotten the ball rolling. Today is my last day of summer, and I’m ready for the change.

— Brey

27 thoughts on “Turning My Life Into a Pinterest Board // Lifestyle.

  1. I need to do this as well and I have a lot of the same goals as you. I will hopefully come back to this post for a little motivation. Keep it up. I’m glad you are making goals for yourself and are not taking no for an answer.


  2. Really great list of goals! I always feel a little crazy in the summer trying to do ALL THE FUN THINGS, but I think fall is a great time to settle in and get a little more focused on gettin’ shit done. P.S. Happy Mail is such a cute idea, totally want to sign myself up!


  3. This! This is everything I have been struggling with. I had been doing a bit better, but the past month or so I have been having a much more difficult time with doing things that I actually love vs the things that are easy. I am going to renew my efforts and start doing the things I love again! Also, gorgeous pics! I wish I could get my photos to turn out like that! 🙂


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