Turning My Life Into a Pinterest Board // Fashion.

When it comes to fashion, I have big dreams, and a little wallet. More than that, I have a small social life, and an even smaller night life. Up until recently, my places to go and people to see consisted of college classes, nannying, Chipotle runs, and intermittent, coffee dates with old friends. Because of that, my style was forced to reflect those facts.

At the moment, I am rewatching Gossip Girl. I love this show, the fashion, the beauty, the drama, the silliness. I see these stunning (and very rich) girls prance in extravagant gowns and the chicest clothes. Even to college classes, Blair Waldorf will wear heals and a luxurious dress, makeup done, hair curled. Just thinking about it, I can’t help but sigh. If I could, I would be in heals, and my favorite, classy styles everyday. Most of the time, I can’t help feel a bit out of place when I do that though. And honestly, that’s stopped me from wearing what I want, and looking my best. I’m ready to get a backbone, and put my heels on this season.

Break away from my “routine wears”.
This summer, I pretty much wore the same jean shorts everyday. Granted, they were extremely comfortable, prudish, and perfect for working as a nanny for a four year old. The winter and fall before that, I pretty much wore the same pair of skinny jeans everyday. Granted again, they were extremely comfortable, decent looking, and fine for sitting in classes all day. At least in the fall I made the effort to pair it with stylish boots and adorable tops.

But I’m tired of having items or outfits that I would wear almost everyday. This season, especially at work, I’m going to stay away from my dark wash skinny jeans, unless I have the perfect knee high boots that need them, and only if I get a new, not completely worn out pair. I’m ready to try out all the new styles I’ve been too bashful to wear.

Stop being bashful with what I wear.
I don’t know if anyone else has faced this or can share my discontent. I already mentioned this a little bit above in the intro, and maybe I’m just weird for even holding myself back in this area. But, I cannot tell you how many times I have put away an amazing outfit because I knew the person I was meeting up with was going to be dressed down. Or how many times I went ahead and wore the cute dress with high heals to a lunch date and my friend wearing sweats and a t-shirt asked me why I would be wearing that to a Starbucks. Or how many times I was called snobbish for looking chic for my college classes. Or even just feeling like the oddball in a friends group because I wanted to look fancy.

Well. I’m done with that!

I see on all my favorite shows, every character wearing cute outfits, and high heels everyday, wherever they go. I have often wished for more places to go and people to see, just so I would have a reason to wear heels or a new blouse. I always feel my best and most confident dressed up and put together. I’m done trying to dress down just to fit in. I love wearing a fierce outfit with the perfect accessories, even if it’s on a coffee date or a simple visit. Besides, I can think of much worst things than looking my best way more often.

Dress up to work everyday.
I hopefully will never have to worry about being too dressed up or classy at my job. Hopefully. I am so excited to wear slacks and blouses and boots everyday and feel professional. I finally have that excuse and place to go to look spiffy and show off my best self. Both with my work, personality, and now my clothes.

Even with the amount of gusto I have right now, I’m making it my goal this season to dress up everyday for work. I don’t want to go back to the old pair of skinny jeans that are so comfortable, but so worn out. I don’t want to get tired and just give up by November when it comes to fashion. Or be faced with the fact that teacher aids don’t have to dress up for work and be pressured into my old styles. I want to look my best at my job, and put my best foot (hopefully in a black suede booty) forward.

This season I’m loving high waisted flare jeans and slacks! Paired with both fancy blouses or comfy tees, tucking them into the high waisted fits make anything look spiffy. I also am a huge fan of comfy, oversized sweaters. That with jeggings or black skinny jeans paired with the perfect boots is one of my favorite styles. My closet is already brimming with these looks in anticipation of my work and autumn! I am really looking forward showing them and other great styles off this fall!

— Brey

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